Saturday, May 09, 2015

Neomasculinity, an awful TV commercial, and more

  • Roosh V on neomasculinity, almost a manosphere (red-pill, not necessarily PUA) catechism. By the way, who else hates that new State Farm commercial, "Never," about the sitcom-stock hapless wimp dad being prodded to conform at every turn? (Never mind the tacked-on "aw" ending.) Good to see MGTOW has noticed. I think I see MGTOW's problems (Peter Pan selfishness in which guys end up alone as wards of the state, rather like "the c*ck carousel" and the lie of "Sex and the City," "me and my BFFs so I don't need a man," produce bitter spinster cat ladies with no kids to care for them) but rather like Sandman says the best way for girls to help the manosphere is to push feminism in order to finally get the nice guys angry, this is virtually a recruiting ad for MGTOW. The answer, of course, is not in white-knighting (putting girls on a pedestal hoping they'll love you back, which today means feminism pushing you around) but in tradition (so the manosphere at its worst including MGTOW, like feminism, is part of the problem, even though at its best it's reteaching society some home truths): celibate vocations are the exception; men and women are obviously (physically and psychologically) made for each other, for themselves, sure, but more to continue families by having children, which incidentally is God's old-age insurance. When mainstream society bought the idea that marriage is only about how the couple feel about each other (the contraceptive culture), it was the beginning of the end; gay marriage is only a logical conclusion from that error.
  • And if you doubt that women have a herd instinct (God made them very social) and try to shame non-conforming men, check out the "Mad Men (MADdicts)" page on Facebook if you're a nostalgic man, a retro conservative, not a liberal true believer in Matthew Weiner's vision (the girls who say they cheer for Peggy). "I loooooove Don." "Of course! (Some manosphere truths.)" "How dare you? Go away." The show naturally draws nostalgics like me (even sales of Lucky Strike and Canadian Club have gone up) but I don't think that was Weiner's intention.
  • A feminist primer for tots. There's a place for this in limited doses; of course famous women deserve their due. But I see misandry: elementary-school teaching is a very female, very liberal profession; another sign for boys that their teachers hate them. (As if doping them up on Ritalin wasn't bad enough.) And ... Angela Davis? Biased much? Bet Ayn Rand, Phyllis Schlafly or Clare Booth Luce aren't in this. "Rad"? And you think I'm dated.
  • "7 ways to welcome young people to the mainline." Pretty evangelical turned Episcopalian Rachel Held Evans' heart's in the right place but "young people" today don't see the need for mainline religion no matter how "cool" or steeped in tradition it tries to be. They have their families and BFFs; secular humanism and its charity are their religion. They've cut out the churchy middleman on Sundays: logical conclusion from Protestantism (fitting the American religion perfectly). The mainline knows it's passé and tries to play catch-up by becoming more liberal (gay marriage); kids see it's an imitation and thus remain turned off. Liberal high church (almost Catholic, but a fallible, hip church; a traditional-ish Mass is fun but a lifestyle accessory, ultimately not necessary) is appealing only on paper. (If one could invent a church, I might have come up with something like that.) Evangelicals and traditional Catholics (real Catholics) will survive but as minorities.
  • On that note: Liturgy and the emerging church. Isn't "the emerging church" an already-past fad in evangelicalism? Anyway, again, trying to have Catholic sacramentality, the numinous, minus the Catholic Church ("oppressive"). No sale.
  • Fear not, saith the Cathedral through its Narrative. "O ye of little faith. Lo, we can ALWAYS rewrite the news so it's whites' fault." MSNBC says black cops charged in Freddie Gray’s death are actually "white African-Americans." Snort! Christian heretics, the old Yankee Congregationalists turned SWPLs are trying to nice other whites out of existence; actually they're putting themselves out of business too.
  • Pat Buchanan: On a fast track to national ruin. No more good blue-collar jobs in our cities; they'll all been moved overseas. Among our elite, there are no countries anymore; they don't care about you.

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