Sunday, May 10, 2015

Philadelphia area Tridentine Masses

Seven that I know of, four in my archdiocese, two across the Delaware River in the Diocese of Camden, and one "irregular" in but not of the archdiocese. A resource: Latin Mass Times.
  • Our Lady of Lourdes in Overbrook, Philadelphia, my parish by choice since early 2012, 15 minutes from home. The house that Fr. James Mayer built: an 1890s pseudo-Gothic exposition chapel the Mercedarian order of friars has run for about 10 years; Fr. James high-churched it with "reform of the reform" and, since Summorum Pontificum, our Mass. (As far as I know, the first parish in the archdiocese to schedule a Sunday-morning Tridentine Mass after SP went into effect Sept. 14, 2007.) He's been transferred but his work remains; a magnet for Philly conservative Catholics. We're a mix: "living link" stalwarts from before Vatican II who kept the memory of the old Mass, Anglo-Catholic alumni from Good Shepherd in Rosemont, newbies (Catholic grandkids who still go to church are conservative), and black locals. Not a re-enactment but a living tradition, with much good from Anglo-Catholicism (the music: pipe organ, former sub organist from Smoky Mary's, Manhattan, and unabridged standards from the Hymnal 1940; we also have coffee hour once a month), better than most '50s American parish practice. Our Mass is usually Sung but with one Low Mass a month (pictured; Fr. Brannan is one of our living links). White-gloved altar boys ringing two sanctus bells: yes, that's our place.
  • Our Lady of Consolation in Tacony, Philadelphia. An Italian national parish built circa 1950s; one of the archdiocese's first indult Masses, still going.
  • Holy Trinity on Spruce St., Philadelphia: St. Clement's Jr., formerly the core group of St. Clement's Episcopal Church (formerly would-be Tridentine Catholic) and other traditional Catholics, now moving (again) to St. Edmond's in South Philly "starting the first week of June."
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Holy Saviour parish), Norristown (Montgomery County, Pa.'s seat, which like the church and the nation has seen better days).
  • St. Jude's, Eddystone: SSPX (the late great Archbishop Lefebvre). Their Christmas Midnight Sung Mass is SRO, with not just traddie parishioners but Delaware County Catholics of all kinds showing up. "The Catholic Church: here comes everybody."
  • St. Peter's, Merchantville, NJ.
  • Mater Ecclesiae, Berlin, NJ. My South Jersey church for Christmas and New Year's. A high-church bastion pre-dating Pope Benedict.

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  1. In nearby Delaware, there is a Diocesan Latin Mass every Sunday at 10:30am.


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