Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pro-military, pro-affordable family formation, the Irish church's woe, and the story on Uber

  • In defense of the American military.
  • Steve Sailer: Liberalism is expensive, conservatism is cheap.
  • An Irish writer for a British Catholic journal being humble: The Irish Church’s failures have caused its people to choose secularism over faith. Long story short, for the foreseeable future Ireland isn't Catholic anymore (how's that "renewal" working out for youse*?), but religion there has been cyclical; they haven't left the church so much as lapsed. One naysayer has claimed de Valera wasn't sincere, that Catholic Ireland was a myth ("shamrocks and crosses") to get money from "the diaspora" (Irish-Americans, like the ones who gave to the IRA in the '70s). I think that's at least overstating things; that might have been a factor (but an academic paper I've seen says the Irish cause, unlike Israeli, lost major funding from ethnics abroad early on) but Dev was sincere. One thing's true: the Irish cause has never owned the church (just like the Communists couldn't, and the IRA arguably is more Communist than Catholic) and in fact has had little to do with it. (In America, Cardinal Spellman had no time for Irish nationalism.) Also, I think it's true that in the Republic, (easygoing) Catholics and the few Protestants (originally Scottish Presbyterians and the fewer Evangelical turned liberal Anglicans) get along. *Old neighborhood Phillyspeak that came from Ireland when the church was peaking in America; non-standard English, plural you's a grammatical refinement that's standard in many other languages.
  • BBC America's Anglophenia. Cute blondes explain the mother country to Americans.
  • "Organic" is a gimmick: Hormel buys Applegate Farms.
  • So's independent journalism. Metro now owns a local lefty paper; maybe that's just a sign that the left is now the establishment. (I do Metro's crossword on my commuter train ride.) Anyway, some investigative reporting: on driving for Uber.
  • Glimpses of my job: I track production for (and semi-officially proofread) 14 humanities academic journals; two "have a British accent" (British-based with many British, Australian, and New Zealand writers) while two are partly Russian, on Russian subjects with some Russian and other writers from the former USSR. Not in Russian, which would go over my head, but I get to use my Russian. So far I've used it to communicate by e-mail with a writer who has next to no English, from one of the 'Stans. (The article went through a human translator.) And with an American librarian for fun. In my former copywriting career (about two years recently) I used Spanish on the phone and in writing, which was fun because nobody in the offices expected the conservative throwback to speak it.

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  1. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Nonsense from that Irish writer. That is the constant refrain from those who have delighted in the destruction of Faith and morals in Ireland, including many bishops, priests and religious - and colluded in same.


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