Friday, May 29, 2015

The key to culture, and more

  • Christopher Dawson: Religion is the key to culture.
  • Industrial success, dysgenic failure. The push to get more women into more high-performance career tracks at the expense of having children stops looking like a noble, heroic advancement of the species, and more like the cannibalization of the world’s genetic cream to try to squeeze out a few percentage points of greater output temporarily before an enormous crash.
  • 19 kids and hating it. The left is lying with its concern about "the children." 40 years ago they were almost OK with sex with kids. Liberal bishops told conservative Catholics to mind their own business. No, it's "How dare white conservatives have 19 kids in a family? You're going DOWN."
  • Roissy: America the beastly. White knights will join the leftist choir in saying he's being uncharitable to Miss Dunham (whom I've never watched and don't plan to); they have a point but she is a public figure by choice, and considering the sewage she's pumping into the culture, let's call it even.
  • Black Poison Soul: Why women buy so much junk. Men too, but women more. In school I learned that marketing delivers products people need, bringing sellers and buyers together (why America used to be the greatest country), but this criticism has a point; what was always wrong with Madison Avenue.
  • Merle Haggard in 1968. Remember when America was normal? In my lifetime it stopped being so in stages. In the beginning, perverts weren't talked about. They were relatively free as long as they were discreet. Then came the Hef (like early "M*A*S*H": Hawkeye the skirt-chaser) and f*ggot-jokes phases (from Norman Lear to classic Eddie Murphy), pretending to agree with Middle America but really preparing it by shocking it, desensitizing it, by talking nonstop about the stuff. (Groundwork: the unscientific Kinsey Report.) Now the left is brainwashing us into accepting that, or else. And gone from go-go shock to puritanical (dating back to preachy Hawkeye), a parody of Christianity: "That's demeaning to women!" (Beta nice guy in the crossfire: "Just tell me what to SAY!") Bingo. Don't forget porn, making previously abhorrent practices de rigueur. I didn't forget porn, Hef being a relatively mild gateway (wholesome girls with their tops off); '50s-'60s Playboy was art compared to what's out there now. And: beware lefty patriotism. They get weirdly nostalgic about World War II. They're just still celebrating the Soviet win, which they suckered America into supporting.

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  1. Ah, yes... How television slowly and subversively prepared the American public for embracing of homosexuality... :-)


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