Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The left's ever-shifting goalposts, and more

  • The left's ever-shifting goalposts.
  • Gay marriage will move on to further gay crusades, not letting other weirdo groups get married.
  • How I think "Mad Men" will end. Don really does run away. He doesn't find Diana. Joan is very happy, very feminine, with her new tough-guy boyfriend who loves her. Peggy's on her way up at McCann; her work is her life. (There's some depth to Matthew Weiner's liberal sermon; Peggy's not a cartoon heroine — outside of work she has no life.) I don't know how to resolve the other story lines; they well could remain unfinished. I don't think Matthew Weiner will do a cheesy where-are-they-now? fast-forward.
  • Reality: a vignette. Recently rode a bus home from work; a large woman started an argument with me really because I was the wrong race and wrong class, and look weak enough to be a good target. She was surprised when I talked back ("Wanna have a go at me? Come on!"); nice whites aren't supposed to do that.
  • The Islamic State opens a luxury hotel that keeps sharia. Reminds me of the Mormons and Marriott. They're our Mohammedans: a Christian heresy no longer Christian, but they're from our culture so they blend in; they can pass as Christian when they want to (even their faith's official name). At least I don't have to fear the Mormons gunning people down over cartoons, which is more than what I can say about those Fuslims. Read history to learn what the Mormons are capable of. Brigham Young was basically a gangster/mass murderer. When they're not in power they seem like nice conservative Protestants; in power they'd become ISIS. Yeah, they're creepy. People join because they crave the old America; nobody intellectually converts to it. The craving for order is also why second-generation ethnics leave the West to join ISIS ("Minnesota man busted for trying to join ISIS": bet his name isn't Olson). The Mormons put on that mask years ago to blend in. They are actually creepy, but the mainstream left thinks they are because the mainstream left hates normality.

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