Thursday, June 11, 2015

Campolo sells out, perfidious Disney, and more

  • The slippery slope. In this case I'm actually surprised: Tony Campolo has sold out on gay marriage. He's long been a social-justice warrior who seemed respectable to conservative Christians, theologically evangelical and thus conservative but politically liberal, which is also shorthand for (a caricature of?) Catholic social teaching to many. Lots of good Christians buy this or at least used to. Understandable since modern secular liberalism is a Christian heresy. And no; Campolo didn't leave the Catholic Church. His Italian immigrant parents did; he's a born Protestant. Slippery slope II: his son Bart has lost his Christian faith.
  • Why I seldom read libertarian sites now. Rational Review (Gay Marriage R Us) headlined one of the McKinney stories thus: "Thug cop resigns after assaulting 15-year-old girl." Libertarianism has valid points but the movement isn't just selfish losers who think they're as smart as John Galt; it's arrested adolescents who hate all authority, still sassing Daddy. It's now just '80s-style "greed is good" fiscal stuff combined with socially liberal ideas. (The Alex P. Keaton model: "A conservative is a social liberal who plays the stock market.") That's why it appeals to disgruntled youth so much. They feel that they can still be trendy by buying into some conservative ideas, but still be acceptable enough to their left-wing peers by going along with the gay and anti-cop jargon. By the way, ex-Cpl. Casebolt has had the sense not to apologize; conservatives are getting streetwise to that. The powers that be demean you deliberately by forcing you to apologize and firing you anyway.
  • To our elite, there are no countries anymore. Disney stabs Americans in the back: letting go a couple hundred techies and hiring foreign guest workers because it's cheaper, and forcing the Americans to train their replacements or no severance. Makes me happy I've not been to a Disney amusement park in nearly 40 years.
  • Common sense 50 years ago that's now thoughtcrime as America's founding majority nices itself out of existence (things like McKinney's aftermath are a class war on the Wrong Kind of Whites): Anglo-Americanism, or what if we're not a propositional nation but a white mix, yet British-based? (England vs. Scotland moved here: North vs. South.) The Japanese are great because they're almost homogenous and want to keep it that way. Thoughtcrime II I picked up somewhere: folk-music fests and Renaissance Faires are white-pride fests by people who would never admit it. (Like the rich liberals who preach diversity but live in whitopias.) Sort of like NASCAR is one for people (of the wrong class) forbidden to even think that, and church is one of the last refuges for that (so Greek parishes are OK, for example). (Christianity, the church, is both local and universal.) White men created the greatest civilization, from philosophy (Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas) to industry to cures for disease: pre-modern life was nasty and short. Humility is right and worshipping your race wrong (as is any idolatry), of course. (The Nazis, actually leftist: state worship, emperor worship, and race worship. Falangism, on the other hand, is a Catholic option: Franco Spain.) Still: "I'm proud to be white," said the racist.
  • Conservative Novus Ordo still aren't our friends. Just like in the '80s under St. John Paul the Overrated. You know my line as a traditionalist: "It's Not About Latin."™ (The Anglican missals and breviaries are ours for the asking: Catholic but in classic English.) But this Catholic pundit still sounds like a jackhole. I love languages but this is not about fetishizing a language; by the way, among other things ("religious orders, don't ordain homosexuals"), St. John XXIII wanted to step up the use of Latin. A template because it doesn't change and a perfect auxiliary language because it's everybody's and nobody's language at the same time. And it's beautiful: the mother of Italian.

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  1. I remember Tony Campolo visiting Britain and speaking at a Christian concert. He told us homosexulaity was wrong, but spent a lot of time talking about the injustices suffered by gay people.


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