Monday, June 29, 2015

Cars: Christine and her sisters, and more

Black Tie Classics, Stratford, NJ.

Festival on the outskirts of Hammonton, NJ. Virgil Exner's Forward Look for Chrysler/Mopar, refined to perfection: a '57 and two '58 Plymouths, immortalized in literature and film, the femme fatale who runs over your enemies at night. (I think Stephen King meant it as a black comedy making fun of nostalgia and Men and Their Cars.) Hey, baby: the second Christine near-clone I've seen, Bad 58. (The other is another New Jersey girl, Evil 58.) She's basically a stock '58 Belvedere, with a few tweaks such as a modern air cleaner, automatic gearshift on the floor (the buttons remain on the dash for show), modern stereo speakers in back, and no Belvy badge, to match Christine. The moral of Christine: Arnie and Christine would still be motorvating if only he'd retrofitted her with seat belts. The Fury was a sub-brand of the Belvedere; same body but different engine, a high-performance version that only came in cream with gold trim. Christine's colors were an option for the Belvy so either she was special-ordered, custom-painted early on, or an early hybrid, a Belvy with a Fury engine swap. (The Belvy's speedo goes to 120, which is standard; the Fury's goes higher.)

Christine's heart: The Golden Commando engine with dual-quad carburetors came with the Fury as you can see in the movie (her air cleaners are chromed), but actually this is an engine swap in the '57 Suburban wagon.

"I'm not a '57 Chevy, moron!"


  1. My father owned a '57 Chevy, a Bel Air sport coupe in matador red!

  2. Fury Jim Rawa writes: Yep... mine isn't meant to be a clone... it's a 12-second street/strip red and white '58 that I built in 1998 and still looks just as good 35,000 miles and 17 years later.. it's been coined Christine since it's one of the East Coast originals on the scene, and has been used with Christine cast members several times since it's been the best one around... until Joe Caldwell and I built his, the world's finest Christine clone! Got my plates in '99. Mike Morelli had his in CT since the mid or early '90s... then another guy in CA has Bad 58 tags too.


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