Saturday, June 20, 2015

Charleston: I smell a rat

A libertarian online asks, as Roissy has. The Charleston massacre: staged or random? I think it could have been either. It's definitely NOT what the media, still pushing the Narrative, are making it out to be: "Because of the evil Wrong Kind of Whites with their guns, even flying the Confederate flag at one of their statehouses. How dare they? The Wrong Kind of Whites have no right to be proud of their past in those parts as an independent nation." (Nor, apparently, do they retain their constitutional right to freedom of association; well-meant feelings have trumped rule of law.) In contrast to Charleston (I've never been), I've been to Raleigh, where Reconstruction has rewritten their history; a beaten nation.

Of course it's horrible that nine people were killed, Christians in their house of worship no less. Criticize the Narrative and you're accused of not caring about them.


When that starts to be questioned, gin it back up. Too convenient, too pat.

Also awful: the left's preening. The posturing about forgiving the alleged killer (yes, innocent until proven guilty; hooray for Anglo-American rule of law). Obviously appealing because it riffs on Christianity.

Steve Sailer:
The murderer who perpetrated this Charleston black church massacre appears to have intended to maximize publicity for himself by pushing every conceivable hot button of the mainstream media in the fashion that would generate the most unending coverage of this Teachable Moment.
A socially impaired 21-year-old can't do that on his own.

Dylann Storm Roof may well be a random nut (again, not representing white Americans). Either he's mentally ill (but maybe still guilty) or he's acting. By the way, such creeps aren't the ones to watch out for. Sociopaths don't make ugly faces with thousand-mile stares; they're charming. He reminds me of Lee Harvey Oswald, who in my guess was an American agent, even an agent provocateur. This kid might not be a full-fledged agent but he may have been coached or pushed over the edge. By the way, most of the mentally ill aren't violent.

And America's No. 1 promoter of gun safety and keeping guns away from the mentally ill is the NRA. Rate of violence at gun shows: approximately zero.

"You think dangerous criminals will obey anti-gun laws? You must be a special kind of stupid." At least naive, to give the well-meaning credit.

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