Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Dogs, online false friends, and transsexuals

  • "My dog is not a pet. My dog is family." There's a kind of conservative who scoffs at this: those stupid liberals turn children into pets and pets into children; it's a barren dead end where you'll end up alone; and to stick the knife in deeper, dogs have no immortal souls so it's stupid to grieve for them, etc. Of course I agree with the first two, up to a point. Thank God traditionalists don't have to go as far as the third. (Farmers, naturally unsentimental about animals, like it.) Man and dog have been friends, not just co-workers/master and slave, since pre-history, tens of thousands of years ago. Science proves dogs understand how we feel and love us back. As for dogs' souls, all you have to believe is they don't need our prayers when they die; you can believe they cease to be or in the rainbow bridge (like limbo for pets).
  • Justice Department studying "far-right" social-media use. Because the "far right" blows up marathons and has shootouts at gun shows [/sarcasm]. Seriously, not surprising. Which makes me wonder if I and other conservatives online have been suckered into helping enemies surveil us. For the little compliment of a pageview, comment, or "like." And don't forget agent provocateurs; that "secret" Facebook group where you hold forth might not really be secret. That and the trap of social media faking relationships while your real ones disappear.
  • Some insight about Rod Dreher from Diane Kamer. I'm not here to tear him down even though he's wrong, but I've thought something like that: good old American Protestant utopianism; his high church (he never hangs out with real Orthodox) is largely his creation. (He's sincere but his Orthodoxy's a little "off," culturally/socially, not theologically, in a faith that's largely cultural/uncatechized.) Understandable when American Catholicism was turning into seamless-garment liberalism, but still wrong; spiritual pride. There's nothing per se wrong with being the lord of the manor with a private chapel (a way Catholicism survived in an England forced to turned Protestant: recusancy), but it can become a cult, including a personality cult. He's intelligent; he writes things of merit. That's why I think he's dangerous: some conservative Christians might buy his schism-and-surrender strategy. Blogmaster Pauli finishes the point: I can see Dreher going from functionally his own church's supreme governor to his own Pope by trying to become a priest. But making fun of him for being a convert's wrong too, even though I agree he's wrong for having left the church. He's not a flake; he was Catholic for about 13 years and has been Orthodox nearly 10.
  • Church of England "one generation away from extinction" after dramatic loss of followers. Shrug. The Catholic Church can save all of the good stuff and some of us are. I think a Catholic group even owns Healey Willan's music now; an Episcopal staple when I was growing up. I'm not Novus Ordo thanks to the Episcopal Church. "I say; how's that 'renewal' working out for you?" Remember "The Vicar of Dibley"? The Rev. Joy Wallis (who's attractive; that would have been a different TV show) worked with comedienne Dawn French on that sitcom to sell women's ordination not to conservative churchgoing English people, who are rarer than adequate heating in English buildings, but the indifferent unchurched majority. "See? Church is cool and fun now. Come back!"
  • Truth is as unchanging as Bruce Jenner's DNA. I'm not here to make fun of his problem, but:
    • The untold story of transsexualism. Related (read to understand): 40 years ago the left was almost OK with sex with kids.
    • Somebody else noticed his fake girl's name doesn't match his age. If you're going to pretend to be a woman, why not pretend to be 25 while you're at it? (And I'll sue you for discrimination and emotional distress if you don't play along.) Or maybe it's a put-on: "his 'encore career' as a drag queen." The first Caitlin I'd heard of (never met one) was an actress, Caitlin O'Heaney, in the Raiders of the Lost Ark copycat TV show "Tales of the Gold Monkey" (pictured) about 32 years ago, so golden-era (born in the early '50s) American Caitlins were not unheard of. Still, circa 1950, Jenner's generation, almost the only girls given that kind of spelling lived in Ireland's gaeltacht. (Before "Celtic," as in Irish, became New Age trendy/victim chic. It just meant "Catholic.") Traditionally in English, I think this Irish name is spelled phonetically: Kathleen.


  1. Thanks for the links, and thank you for simply always being such a fine writer and fine person.

  2. The one about "Caitlin" (I went to school with a girl called Caitlin) reminds me of Elton John's middle name "Hercules." He must have a fantasy vision of himself as an hero. And these disturbed people exert so much influence to-day...


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