Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Law enforcement: The McKinney, Texas incident

I came to this story with an open mind. It seemed a case of police brutality: a cop pushing an unarmed girl (in a swimsuit) to the ground; unnecessary. Then I watched the clip. I didn't even need to read the backstory. (These kids were trespassing and stealing. Puts one resident's "go back to your Section 8 housing" in context. The media obviously want to gin up another race riot, but there is no white agenda against blacks. This development's residents were victims.) I'm with ex-Cpl. Casebolt. (Yes, unsurprising in these stories, he's been forced to quit, and I understand he's had death threats.) Considering what was going on, he was remarkably restrained. Several young men rushed at him; of course he took out his gun. As one of the few smart commenters on YouTube wrote, under Texas law he had the right to shoot. "Shouting obscenities": the narrative's mouthpieces don't want you to watch the video; they want you to assume the officer called these "children" something awful, such as "n*ggers." (Which polite whites have never used.) Actually as a kind of social skill, just right for his audience, this officer used salty language on the job: "get your ass out of here," even "f*ck." Heavens to Betsy. Next thing, you'll tell me soldiers cuss.

Cops of course aren't always right, but I don't care what race you are: you don't sass and defy cops like these kids. (Socially savvy, these kids know how to work the system: if I don't get my way, that's racist.) The police were outnumbered; Cpl. Casebolt had to show he was in charge. That girl defied him after a warning so on the ground she went. And she wasn't even arrested. Non-lethal, non-injurious force: commendable of him. Unpleasant but necessary, going no further than that.

Here's hoping against hope in this mad world (America's on borrowed time) that this man gets another job in law enforcement. (Nice roll on the ground early in the video; he's in top shape.)

Recently I happened to rewatch another video allegedly of law enforcement gone wrong: not a police officer but a mall security guard who obviously had no business being in the business.

You must read this to understand what's really happening. The game-changer is this is on mall property; the security guard had authority, even more than the police in some ways. But obviously this now ex-guard was poorly trained and undisciplined; she's a laughingstock. (Barney Fife as a short girl.) The mall's owners probably inadvertently hired a bad security service, which embarrassed them. (Ill-fitting uniform, hardly "command presence" in itself.) A good officer wouldn't escalate this, let alone get belligerent with 10 people, even if he's over six feet tall, in shape, and armed. The point (the mission, as the military says) is to keep the peace (persuade the people to leave), not to push people around. By the way, the other woman knows how to fight: great leg sweep. Sure, I enjoyed the fight; almost everybody hates bullies. But read the facts.


  1. I used to be a security officer (which is not a security guard) and this incompetent is lucky she wasn't knocked cold.

    1. What's the difference between the two? And you're right. If those people were real trouble, 10 against one, she'd be dead.


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