Monday, June 22, 2015

Putin, the Pope, and more

  • Putin meets Pope Francis: The pontiff and the pariah. Nothing new: he met Benedict too. Francis may parrot liberal platitudes (but not always, which we don't hear about) but here he's right, not being reflexively anti-Russian. It fits my Catholic big picture: respect the Russians so they'll come back to the church. I don't think Francis gives the Christian East much thought; he seems to know little about the world outside Argentina. He has a quality of great men as well as of the faith in that no secular ideology, left or right, tells him what to do; some worry that's a sign of megalomania. A friend recently made the interesting parallel to Argentina's Juan Perón, a well-meaning populist economic blunderer.
  • A little story from the mother country: At Cambridge, former Archbishop of Canterbury bans jelly wrestling for being sexist. Again nothing new. Here Rowan Williams fits an outdated image of the British establishment as moral and proper (the image Americans who love the royals and "Downton Abbey" have), only the Christian beliefs about purity and modesty have been rewritten to fit today's fashionable Christian heresy ("Down with sexism!"). Both devout Christians and the politically correct tend to agree these things demean women. That said: jelly wrestling; lighten up! Plus, healthy desire: witness the sexuality in Italian and Latin-American cultures.
  • South Dakota: Angry anti-white Indians vs. New Age Indian wannabe festival.
  • Jeff Culbreath: How many of you have noticed that "let's have a conversation about..." really means "the hammer's going to fall on you hard"? Very WASP (SWPL); euphemistic.
  • Takimag's Kathy Shaidle: Moral and comedic anorexia.
  • Bob Wallace:
    • An entirely free market may not always be the answer: his experience running a taxi company.
    • When I was a teenager only teenagers worked at fast-food places. Adults weren't hired (the phrase used was "overqualified," which is something I don't hear anymore). Now adults work at these places and it's considered acceptable. In fact, the economy is so bad the last time I heard the average age of someone making minimum wage is 35 years old. Since you can't live on that kind of money we now have all kinds of transfer payments: Earned Income, Section 8 housing, HUD, food cards. Nothing good is going to come of all this.
  • Roissy:
    • Power, then charm, then affection. That’s a pithy aphorism describing the contours of female attraction for the competing character traits of sexy men. Establish your dominance (which can be done by showing you won’t cave like a supplicating beta to her feminine wiles), engage her with your charm (an attitudinal cue that you live with an abundance of women mentality), bestow her with your affection (but only after she’s bestowed you with her sex and love). The problem with the more romantically earnest sort of beta males is that they start with the affection, and then clumsily try to segue to the power and charm when they see that their affection is driving the girl away. It never ends well. True but that said, remember the better manosphere map Bob Wallace posted, from the writer of No Ma'am. Real alpha males (in the canine world, simply fathers: patriarchs) are faithful (they mate for life with alpha females) and build society; Roissy's pickup artists are sociopaths who ultimately destroy themselves, others, and society. As part of modernity they're part of the problem.
    • "Hey, beautiful! How was your day?" is actually anti-game. Supplication: weakness, which naturally kills female desire. On the contrary, as the mild, mainstreamish The Art of Manliness (Brett and Kay McKay) filters it, start dating women instead of being friends with them.
    • Trump for president. May as well shake it up and enjoy the spectacle of the ruling globo-equalist class sweating bullets.
    • America then and now: Game in '63.
    • Mainstream relationship advice is worse than useless. Women not only give wrong advice to men about how to seduce them, they usually give advice 180 DEGREES removed from what actually works! This is a bug in woman code that men must accept and work around.

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