Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Short male leaders, Russophobia, transsexualist propaganda, and a classic car

  • Sandman: Short male leaders. The Napoleon thing (a myth about him): badass Vladimir Putin is naturally slight with thinning hair. Like men overwhelmingly prefer thin women, women choose taller men. (Women vote for handsome candidates.)
  • Forbes wants me to be scared of the Russians. Not buying. Obviously I don't think their schismatic Russian universality is true but they're not my problem, and our mainstream hates them now because they're doing things right: anti-liberal and (hisssss) Catholic (not the cuddly guitar and seamless-garment kind of Catholic; old-school), albeit estranged from the church.
  • Post-Sixties, the media have been selling transsexualism for a long time. Probably intentionally, to "celebrate" Bruce Jenner, MeTV recently showed a rerun of "The Love Boat" from 33 years ago with the same party line as today. The pretty (in my opinion) Mackenzie Phillips (famous as a player in one of Norman Lear's awful sermon sitcoms) played one of Gopher's old college buddies who'd "become a woman." If delicate-boned, obviously a real woman Mackenzie looks like a man in drag (the character's an ex-football player; surgery and hormones don't change bone structure, just like they don't change DNA and often don't change a deep voice), sign me up as quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Please. And it gets better/worse: the usual propaganda nothing to do with reality on how this character thought he was really a woman all along. Not the reality of transvestites and a few homosexuals who psychologically aren't like women at all, not interested in raising kids and, true of most transsexuals, actually attracted to women (they're turned on by the idea of becoming the women they love); it's usually a fetish. I found out about transsexualism from a magazine article at the barber shop when I was 12, decades ago; sure, it scared me: the puzzle of a veteran who said he used to be "hypermasculine" now claiming to be a woman. But sex changes were, are, and always will be science fiction. You can't literally become the other sex.
  • Ghost car: '61 Dodge Phoenix, in one of my favorite car colors, at the Sundance Saloon car show in Aston, Pa. "Just a good ol' boy": a General Lee clone, country music on the loudspeaker, and lots of local versions of rednecks and bikers with their women; a few rockabillies too (a related tribe to me). Good time.


  1. It has no conclusion to write home about but here are some personal reflections on transsexualism, if anyone is interested:


    1. Thank you; very thoughtful. A fashionable online reaction to this in my corner of conservatism (here I don't mean conservative Catholicism but American social conservatives) is to pick on these people. (Like the reaction to affirmative action, "diversity," and multiculturalism: "My, aren't we racist?" posts.) As you probably know from this blog, I hold to what I was taught about homosexuals 40 years ago: don't pick on them; they have a problem. This applies to transsexuals too. Nice people in our Christian-based culture want to live and let live, to treat people with these problems compassionately. The left's culture warriors take advantage of that.

      I wonder how far into being medically dangerous this denial of biological reality will go. I think the only people allowed to say the Bruce Jenners are still men are doctors. They sometimes have to for safe medical treatment, and even they can't say it publicly now. That and filling your body with hormones it's not set up to handle can't be healthy.

    2. A note for readers outside the U.S.: affirmative action is an American practice President Nixon signed into law that allows employers to try to make up for past injustice to blacks by preferentially hiring them over whites.

    3. "I wonder how far into being medically dangerous this denial of biological reality will go."

      That's difficult for me to say as I am not in medicine but Christine Jorgensen, America's most famous transsexual, developed cancer in the mid-1980's. The cancer was exacerbated by the female hormones "she" took all "her" life and "her" treatment was therefore pretty useless. "She" died in 1989, at the age of 63. Another famous transsexual, "Aleshia Brevard," performed his own castration in his kitchen after his doctor refused to do it. That is a sign of a very serious pathology. At the end of the day, "gender dysphoria" or "gender identity disorder" is a disease of the mind. To treat it by mutilation and hormones is dangerous and gravely mistaken.


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