Friday, June 12, 2015

The end of British Christianity, and more

  • Damian Thompson: Christians in Britain will be statistically invisible by 2067; Anglicans there by 2033. John Wesley, the Tractarians, and the Victorian Roman Catholic revival after emancipation stood athwart history, trying to win Britain back for Christ. I understand Catholicism there is now mostly immigrant Polish. Liberal high church looks like marketing perfection; so did the Edsel, getting the same result.
  • "Spiritual, not religious" really means you worship yourself. The American Religion and moralistic therapeutic deism, which are easy to fall into while keeping the church's trappings.
  • RIP Sir Christopher Lee. Part of the old Europe and a deadly British agent in World War II who kept his secrets. Decades ago I read in Current Biography that Christopher Lee was an expert on the occult and owned an extensive personal library on the subject being so well-read on the subject. By expert I do not mean a practitioner of the dark sciences but a principled opponent — on religious grounds. I recall in particular one comment of his in the Current Biography article. He stated that people who mess around with — even casually and for fun — ouija boards are risking at the very minimum profound psychological damage! That comment has stuck with me for decades. I would never let my children near one of those things, especially after learning that some of their friends played with them at parties. My fifth-grade teacher happened to be Catholic and from the '50s, and even though it was a public school, she shared one of the same stories (the thing made accurate predictions down to getting names right); she and her friends eventually burned the board. That's why I don't believe those who say that before the movie The Exorcist it was just a party game.
  • Spokane NAACP leader caught lying? Race is a construct except when it isn't, say our betters. Hey, if Bruce Jenner can force us to play along with his pretense, and such in reverse (fake men) can keep going to Wellesley (wanting a safe space, giving the game away right there), why can't this lady pretend she's black? Hater.
  • Women don't understand GoodFellas' appeal to men. The synopsis of the movie as written by a woman is funny and would read like that. (Distortion of Christianity: Henry Hill needed a nice white lady to make everything better.) By the way, much of the culture in The Godfather is fictional. For example, it copied the ring-kissing from the church.
  • Pope Francis, white knight. The manosphere and MGTOW are maps, not the terrain; definitely not doctrine. (Roissy's version of the alpha, the jerkboy fornicator/adulterer, is a sociopath who'd disrupt society and lose in the long run; he does get lots of sex. Real alphas mate for life with the alpha females, lots of sex the right way, and build society, not tear it down.) But I've learned enough from them to know that this well-meant conservative Christian (in this case, for a change, from the reigning Pope) criticism of men misses the mark. ("White knights" joining feminists in trying to shame men to keep giving women stuff.) The manosphere and MGTOW can be part of the problem, sterile and childish (a masculine version of "Sex and the City"'s lie about awful BFFs enjoying sexy strangers forever), but given the modern liberal West's feminism and resulting misandry (a Christian heresy distorting "exalting the humble" and defending the weak), some men's reaction is understandable (why get married only to be cleaned out in a frivorce when your wife gets bored, a.k.a. the seven-year itch?) and, up to a point as with any assertiveness training, even healthy. Men should rediscover their own way, becoming men again. Camille Paglia (met her; she's great: contradicts herself but speaks the truth from the heart a lot, very Italian) is right: if men went Galt, civilization would collapse.
  • Too proud for gratitude: Russell Kirk via Jeff Culbreath on what's wrong with libertarianism. Again, like with the manosphere, part of being open-minded is learning from people you don't necessarily agree with. Libertarianism has much to teach, and nationally I've consistently voted LP since 2004, but like the centurion in the gospel and all mankind, "I am a man under authority": God, the natural order, the church, and Caesar (like Luther's two kingdoms?). (Aristotle, the Catholic Schoolmen, and classical Anglicans: reason means conforming yourself to objective reality, not sassing custom for its own sake.) So I'm a minarchist, a conservative, not a libertarian.
  • The heart of Jesus is a natural, universal symbol of God's love. Privately, Eastern Orthodox, Protestants, and even non-Christians are drawn to it and use it. By the way, there's nothing wrong with the unlatinized forms of the Eastern rites not using it, as long as they don't condemn it. ("You worship a heart" is stupid like "you worship a piece of bread" and "you worship paintings.") The Pilgrimage of Grace banner: "We wyll haue the masse."


  1. "[I]f men went Galt, civilization would collapse."

    True that. Which would be fun to watch if I wasn't, to paraphrase Peter Quill, "one of the idiots who lives in it [civilization]."

  2. If you get a full ride to Howard as a black woman, you better keep up APPEARANCES.

    1. Whites do go to Howard; I understand she wasn't pretending then (when she was getting her master's). She married a black; her wedding picture clearly shows a white blonde. Apparently she came unstuck (or started this con) after her divorce.

  3. By the way, the Orthodox claim they're growing in Britain but it's all because of immigration. There, as here, Orthodoxy's almost all immigrant and second-generation, and, like Catholicism, numerically and proportionally smaller than it is here.

  4. I sugess you google the article "The Politics of the sacred heart" t
    Some unknown facts will blow you away.

  5. Update:

    Contrary to popular belief, Lee did not have a vast library of occult books. (The myth fits the image of the English, certainly those of his class, as intelligent, as intellectuals. And intelligent he was. Actually, Western Europe being relatively small and thus cosmopolitan, he was part Italian, Carandini, but Anglican.) When giving a speech at University College Dublin on 8 November 2011, he said: "Somebody wrote I have 20,000 books. I'd have to live in a bath! I have maybe four or five [occult books]." He further admonished the students against baneful occult practices, warning them that he had met "people who claimed to be Satanists. Who claimed that they not only knew a lot about it..." However, he himself had certainly never been involved: "I warn all of you: never, never, never. You will not only lose your mind; you'll lose your soul."

    I think this is from Wikipedia but it sounds true.

    I have no idea if he believed in Christianity. Based on this, a definite maybe.

    1. I read once (years ago, and I can't remember where) that he was brought up Roman Catholic. He did, after all, have Italian noble ancestry. I have no idea what he believed in later life, though.

  6. Sorry for not giving the link. here it is:

    " Corpus Christi and Christ the King processions are very important in showing our corporate allegiance. Every family should enthrone the Sacred Heart, and show that in that home at least, Christ is truly King. For each of us as individuals, devotion to the Sacred Heart and its allied devotions of the Immaculate Heart, Precious Blood, Divine Mercy, and Kingship and Queenship of Jesus and Mary — starting with things like the First Fridays and First Saturdays — should be paramount. In the current climate (where mentioning “Christmas” can be a risk), displaying the placard of the Auto League of the Sacred Heart so far from being tacky becomes an heroic and counterrevolutionary act!"-Charles A. Couloumbe

  7. Political liberalism and theological liberalism are uncomfortable bedfellows. Theological liberalism usually goes hand in hand with political conservatism. A theological liberal would rather change his theology than change the world, as G.K. Chesterton, that quitessential liberal, pointed out.


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