Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The flashpoint of all heresy, and more

  • Brandon McGinley: Culture: Sex sex sex sex sex. The church: Detachment, sanctity, justice, and you're wrong about sex. Culture: Why are you so obsessed with sex? The flashpoint of all heresy is where God and his creation meet: who Jesus is, what the church is, what the Eucharist is, and sex. Satan, a spirit, rebelled because he would not serve man.
  • The "me too" Christians. Episcopal Church bishops vote for "gender-neutral" marriage rules. And in other news, the fervently religious and the equally devout secularists still don't take the Episcopal Church seriously. It changes its teachings by vote; we can't. Its semi-congregationalism was a hedge against liberalism, believe it or not, when I was a kid (why I'm pre-Vatican II), but here's the true nature of the thing. It's not Catholic. Unofficially agnostic since the "Enlightenment," when English Calvinists lost their sh*t. It tells the world what the world wants to hear and still gets jilted. I like to say if I were going to invent a church to try to please as many as possible including myself, it would be liberal high church like that. I'd congratulate myself as a marketing genius, just like the guy who came up with the Edsel (one of the most planned cars). Man makes plans; God laughs.
  • Ex-Army hits a few out of the park:
    • Never mind the dig at Christ (people blaming him for the ruling Christian heresy of our day), but this might be what "love thy neighbor" is about. "Everybody love everybody!" ... has a certain emotional appeal, as well as certain political implications. However, It is as much impractical fantasy as the perpetual motion machine, and for precisely the same reason: Friction inevitably occurs. In point of fact, to work at all machines require what are called tolerances. These are NOT "the everybody hold hands and sing kum-ba-yah!" thing the flaky Left thinks of in regards to "tolerance", but quite the opposite: In machine terms that word refers to the necessary SPACE between the parts that allows them freedom to move and work, as opposed to just locking up and grinding each other to destruction. Likely this is because most people demand that their machines actually work and create rational benefits, whereas many folks apparently do not require the same of philosophies.
    • "Leave the bastard alone" is much better. It is much more attainable, much harder to interpret in boneheaded ways that lead to messes. The man who loves his neighbor may feel compelled to "save" this fellow from the drink, the vile weed, streetwalkers, or the dice. From such flows nearly every bad policy of the last 100 years. True only up to a point. Hooray for liberty, but libertarianism too often is just part of the same problem as the Sixties, tearing down society: "do your own thing" -> "every man for himself" -> "just die already."
    • Derb: Nothing is real. Catholicism isn't escapism, Dungeons & Dragons for Christians; it's conforming yourself to reality, seeing things as they are.
    • Against trickle-down.
  • The president of the U.S. on persuading us to get over our religious convictions. It's not just that the man's at heart a New England Yankee with no use for religion. Obergefell v. Hodges is just another manifestation of American Protestantism; "America’s a place where you can write your own destiny." An anglophile friend (a conservative, not a European-wannabe lefty snob like most anglophiles today) quotes H.W. Crocker: Europeans know what Christianity is and have rejected it. Americans believe what they want and call it Christianity. Counter-point: the former, as in the mother country, is evil; the latter only ignorant.
  • That said, anticipating Canada Day tomorrow (which I think is the anniversary of Canadian confederation, when most of Britain's remaining North American colonies united, in 1867; bring back the Red Ensign) and American Independence Day, even though British countries including Canada are more liberal than here, not the Burkean Toryism they had the potential to be, here's to our rightful ruler in 1776, George III.
  • Everything you say can and will be used to destroy your life. The thing isn't all these people flying rainbow flags in their profile pictures in celebration; it's whoever's monitoring Facebook surveiling people like you and me waiting to ruin us over any dissenting things we post. Makes me wonder if "social media" are just a surveillance trick to get you to inform on yourself. Plus agent provocateurs trying to anger us so we post something uncharitable or threatening.

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