Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wiggity wack: The fall of Rachel Dolezal

It seems to me money wasn't Rachel Dolezal's motive to pretend she's black, so she's not a classic con artist. Not a criminal. Just someone with emotional problems; as the manosphere says, an attention whore. That's what got the better of her in pure Greek tragic fashion. Craving still more sympathy (which she already abundantly had in white liberal Spokane), she put racially harassing mail in her own mailbox; because of that, some inquirers found her parents. She sure got attention, just not the kind she wanted.

At first I thought the really interesting question is if the NAACP has the right to make membership rules and kick someone like her out, why not all-white or all-gentile institutions? (Freedom of association: why principled American conservatives opposed the civil-rights movement. The losing side in that had constitutional rights to stand on.) The doctrine of our betters saith: because whites used to have power. But it turns out you don't have to be black to belong to or hold office in the NAACP. Fair enough. Still, she can't be trusted and has embarrassed the organization; she should be expelled. Obviously she knows the game's over ("we're all from the African continent"); my guess is she'll resign and try to hide for a while, before her lust for attention gets her started again.

Her disguise seemed more convincing on some days, such as in the picture of the sidewalk march.

You need not be a psychologist to figure her out. Interesting to conservatives, particularly conservative Christians: she's the daughter of Nice White People, (hippie-ish?) do-gooder Christian missionaries who (ostentatiously?) adopted several blacks. In an arguably hurtful way (rivals for Mommy's and Daddy's love), she's heard Black Is Better all her life. (A distortion of Christian teachings about exalting the lowly and defending the oppressed.)

The jokes come easily: "Spray-Tan Lives Matter." ("Black Lives Matter" is obnoxious, implying that your political opponent thinks they don't when he has said or done no such thing. Slander.)

And of course a black has got her sussed; never mind the anti-white stuff here. Like many blacks, Gazi Kodzo's charismatic and socially attuned. That is one infectious laugh.

Of course she knows that in American culture, a smidge of black makes you black. That was the basis of her lie.

I don't think she meant to hurt blacks. But I don't think she really cares about them either except as props in her autobiographical fantasy.

Of course she moved to a whitopia such as Spokane to get positive attention. Blacks are likely to see through her, as they did Obama when they handed him a defeat in his first Chicago election.

What a mess.


  1. An NAACP chapter in Mississippi has an openly white president.... Several others are run by Latinos.

    I should think they'd want her to step down for the phony threats.

    1. There's a petition for her to step down, making the same point I did: it's not that she's white but that she's a liar.

      I should think they'd want her to step down for the phony threats.

      One of the news stories reminded of the gravity of that. I thought she wasn't malicious, but making a false report to police is a crime that could have ruined an innocent person. She might not have thought out the consequences of making that report. Given how she treated her parents, I wonder how far she would have gone to keep her game going. Would she had framed someone for the threats? Good thing she's a dumb criminal; those letters didn't fool anyone. And: racist threats in Spokane? Like the Klan scare at... Oberlin College. How stupid do the hoaxers think we are?

      Other than that, her disguise was well thought out, except for the inconsistency of her appearance from day to day. I didn't hear much of a blackccent, if any, maybe a phoneme or two. Plausible: like an educated black talking to whites. She knew enough about blacks to say "call me black, not African-American." She played the easy and believable part of someone with a lot of white ancestry.

  2. She's a narcissistic nutcase.

  3. I called it: she quit.

    In 2002 she sued Howard University, "charging that it had discriminated against her — in part for being white."

    That attention whore tripped herself up. But this was part of the same inferiority complex about being white.

    Over the years, Ms. Dolezal had reported a number of incidents of racially motivated harassment and intimidation, both in Spokane and in Coeur d’Alene.

    She's not harmless. Someone could have been charged. Though the harassment is unlikely (there is no white agenda against blacks today), it could have happened in Coeur d'Alene but almost certainly not in Spokane. I think in order to keep up her ruse she would have let an innocent person be thrown in prison.

  4. I've got to give her credit: caught in her lie, she hasn't caved like a normal person might. Going on national TV, staying in character AND trying to play the pity card: growing up on the mean streets of Troy, Montana, "my life has been one of survival." She's really got a lot of nerve. Sure, she lies, but many including me think the kernel of truth, again, is given her do-gooder upbringing, she's long been taught that Black Is Better.


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