Monday, June 29, 2015

Withdrawal without surrender, and more

  • Desperation. This blogger doesn't like me but he's intelligent. Interestingly he has become Orthodox; besides being a mostly estranged part of Catholicism, Byzantium if anything embodies the Constantinian order (they literally canonized Constantine even though he wasn't sure if Christ was really just the old sun god, and I think a heretic baptized him on his deathbed). The answer: if we end up at Catholic Defcon 1 (out-and-out persecution), withdrawal with honor, going underground (so this blog would stop, among other things). Learn from the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the 20th century. Not the "Benedict option" of surrender including schism.
  • A friend has this interesting observation in the aftermath of Obergefell v. Hodges. The American Catholic Church will shrink by 60%; it's a line in the sand. I think I agree. It will accelerate the institutional decline the Sixties including Vatican II started; we'll hit bottom sooner. The nominal are supporting secular society; the Massgoers more and more are not. Pushed against the wall, which of our accommodationist bishops, who've been hitching their wagons to social democracy and American respectability because of Vatican II (the good old seamless garment), would actually leave the church?
  • "I woke up in a different country a few days ago." I woke up in one around 1973, when the Sixties finally won in Middle America.
  • Philadelphia Catholic colleges and the awful '80s American church. St. Joseph's University is a longtime commuter college where Philadelphia kids used to get business degrees. Maybe LaSalle's still like that. Now, it seems to me (I have nothing to do with the place), St. Joe's is a few liberalized old Jesuits trying to be Villanova, while Villanova's trying to be Notre Dame. (Maybe Notre Dame's pretending to be Georgetown.) Villanova, at least 30 years ago: another, less powerful dying liberalized old religious order (spun off from the Irish branch of the Augustinian friars Luther belonged to) and Massholes (rude people from Massachusetts: Kennedy wannabes without the veneer of bought class) who couldn't get into Holy Cross or something. (Interestingly, the social-climbing Kennedys always went to elite Protestant schools.) Sports, frats, and the only religion on offer was either obnoxious kumbaya ("social justice": liberation theology and let's ordain women) or cultish evangelicalism (technically, charismatic: welcome on campus because ecumenism was cool and it wasn't pre-Vatican II).
  • Why do conservatives keep losing? Because in mainstream society, the left sets the rules and calls the shots.
  • "Racism" and "sexism" as Aristotelian virtues. A disturbing trend in the parts of the right I read: blaming Christ for political correctness. Understandable because it's a Christian heresy. The answer's neither the sickle nor the swastika (race realism but not race worship).

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