Monday, July 20, 2015

A great Catholic of the East, and more

  • The good news: The Holy See has recognized Metropolitan Andrew's (Sheptytsky) "heroic virtue" so he's now "Venerable," meaning the cause for his canonization is under way. I've said he should be the patron saint of Roman Catholics called to the Eastern rites as he was. (A Polish nobleman who became head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.) Of course the mainstream with its ruling ideology doesn't care about that. (If the Orthodox rejoined us it would probably double down on harassing us. It would hate Russia twice as much as now.) The bad news: it's being presented as if political correctness is the criterion, even by the Catholic press. Of course saving victims is good, and the Jews even deserve an additional nod as the people of the Old Testament. Political correctness is the ruling Christian heresy with much overlap so it's easy to confuse it with its source. Speaking of "heroic virtue," I've proposed another candidate, Metropolitan Volodymyr (Sterniuk), a model for what we should do if political correctness or ISIS really goes after us. In modern cities he saved a traditional Catholic church by running it completely underground during prolonged persecution.
  • Quite possibly everything wrong about the Western understanding of marriage and sex (male/female) in one article. Prepare to have your brain leak out your ear... "My wife, the swinger." I'm fairly sure Roissy has written about this sort of thing. YUCK! The worst aspects of the sexes, switched. Given human nature as God made it, obviously the wife is tired of this wimp who won't stand up to her, or even get a job and support her, and will probably leave him soon. (See the Athenos commercial above: hooray for Yiayia.) She doesn't even have a selfish economic incentive to stay, other than he's a built-in babysitter and maid. "Yes, I too enjoy sexual carte blanche. I just don’t use mine as much as my wife uses hers. What’s important is equality of opportunity, not outcome." HA! That means NO woman is interested in him. He has nothing to offer them. I'll put it this way: can you imagine this poor fellow on the cover of a romance novel? Fifty Shades of Househusbandry? Me neither. Well-to-do women watched "Mad Men" for Don Draper (Matthew Weiner's ideology was plausible deniability). Can't imagine that about this sap, or a "reality" TV show about him. For one thing, it would probably end up telling too much of the truth (vs. egalitarian modern relationship advice, which is disinformation) to pass censorship. Maybe a sitcom on HBO but it would be a raunched-up version of the dopey-dad stock character.
  • Still a man: As if his looks and voice didn't already tell you. Robert "Zoey" Tur vs. truth-telling Ben Shapiro. "What about your genetics, sir?" "You cut that out now or you'll go home in an ambulance." P.S. Diane Sawyer: real, spectacular, and even used to be conservative but a sellout.
  • Ex-Army: We're supposed to think of Roof and Abdulazeez in completely different terms. Of course the ruling ideology is hypocritical, but hey, "reason" is just a white male construct. The Kulturkampf is a war on the Wrong Kind of Whites, our Hutus.
  • Mark Steyn and the Anti-Gnostic on Donald Trump.
  • LRC: Education: take the federal nickel, get the federal noose.
  • How Facebook's news feed works. If you ignore a person's posts long enough, it stops showing them to you even though he's still on your friends list, yet its algorithms "show you lots of stuff you have no interest in." It can be a lifeline (for example, for those with disabilities*) but it can also be a trick to help someone surveil you and a substitute for real relationships, deteriorating in this age, which weakens natural ties among people, traditional communities. *Got to give the left credit. Christian-based though heretical, they're right that "people with disabilities" is nicer than "the disabled," the latter being "labeling."


  1. How delicious this "Michael Sonmore" who listens to Loretta Lynn, drinks oceans of wine, and has equality of opportunity to sleep around like his Patriarchy-defying wife... In a date with "Paulo" (how perfect!)

    This is agitprop written by a woman. Where is something else written by fakery fake cuckold? Even one singe review of a Lifetime movie?

    I call hoax. This is a fantasy from someone who is NOT a man.

    1. A friend thinks so too: I'm not convinced Michael Sonmore exists. The thing reads like some sort of awful feminist erotica, and a quick Google of this cuck's name reveals nothing.

      As does Roissy.

      I thought Sonmore was just effeminate but you make sense.


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