Friday, July 10, 2015

Capitalism and its critics, and more

  • Leftism is a Christian heresy so in a way the hammer-and-sickle crucifix makes sense. No other culture, nobody but heretical Christians, could have come up with it. "Reason" is just a contruct invented by white men, you say (didn't liberals once pride themselves on being reasonable and scientific, claming conservatives weren't?), yet you say you believe in morality, equality, and universal human rights.
  • Chesterton: Capitalism killed the family. What I know of Catholic social teaching is there is such a thing as the common good; individual rights aren't absolute. Well and good. But the political and economic means to the goal of human flourishing are provisional, not doctrine. Monarchy, dictatorship (falangism), republic; it's all good to us. Regular readers know my line: As I say to third-wayers (distributists, small is beautiful), before capitalism, life was nasty and short. Mass-produce a great product that would change the world for the better, and get it to your market, and we'll talk. In other words, one man with a great product who gets rich from it does more good, employing people and improving society with his product, than all the leftism and romantic third-wayism.
  • Again, gay marriage is really about us, the straight majority. Homosexuals are naturally a small minority, 3% max of the population, only some of whom are doing this. "Why do people love this so much?" Because homosexualism is part of a Christian heresy that distorts the virtue of defending the weak and oppressed. And because homosexualism mirrors and validates the sexual sins of the straight majority (fornication, contraception, abortion, and no-fault divorce).
  • The secret history of gay marriage is that it has never been about "equality" in any real sense, but about ensuring that a small section of gay men and women are able to hold on to their wealth. Familiar from the hard left: "Marriage is bourgeois and selfish, so gays who buy into it are selling out the revolution." Also, few gays want to do it, and few among the men who do think and act monogamously anyway.
  • The only difference between how I see the American Catholic Church now and my prediction before Obergefell is the American church might be driven underground. In any event it will bottom out and end up conservative and strong, but small.
  • Homosexualism, transgenderism, and mainline Protestantism. Churches are supposed to be in the truth business. Before the Sixties, churches disagreed on highfalutin principles of faith easy to disagree on (Is the church infallible? What, really, is the Eucharist? Do we need the Pope?) while on the ground agreeing on essentials, such as the objective reality of the sexes, what marriage is, and why marriage is good for society (children). Of course a church so obviously teaching untruth isn't worth taking seriously, so even the liberals don't.
  • Goodbye, good men, and goodbye, Catholic Ireland. Though some say more Irish still practice Catholicism than the media report. Since Vatican II, conservative men have been kept out or kicked out of seminary. The old liberals running church things in Ireland are still fighting of course. Also, apparently being harassed: six seminarians out of a class of 10 (the people staying in the church are conservative), in a country that used to be famous for exporting priests and nuns, and people generally (institutionally creating the American Catholic Church: Going My Way).

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  1. What about Corportatism which is almost in some ways,similar the Fascism?


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