Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dolan vs. Trump

America's leading Catholic bishop, thanks to his see being in the capital of the world, vs. the best mainstreamish presidential candidate: Cardinal Dolan slams Trump's "virulent" immigration remarks.

Most of our bishops are fools politically, still hitching their wagons to social democracy. And you thought I live in the past. Anyway, this is why Dolan sounds like he's doing an impression of mainline Protestant political correctness. To give him credit, the ruling Christian heresy's easy to fall into, and he has a point about the church's universality; nationalism's not an absolute. We don't worship a nation or race. As I like to say, political tyrants hate the church because they can't own it. But people and the church are particular as well as universal. The parts of the universal church do best when they are the Church Local. Normal people are loyal to kin and community first. Liberals say they love humanity like God and the church do but they hate people; their "loyalty" leapfrogs over them as Steve Sailer says. They're snobs.

Trump's not perfect; on paper in many ways he's wrong. But the site Radix nails it: he acts like the U.S. is still a real country that matters, which is why he's mopping the floor with the opposition. (For our elite there are no more countries. They have no loyalty to us.) Impressive even if he's not serious.

Also, charity begins at home. A country's first obligation is to its citizens. Those entering illegally are stealing. A difference between the immigrants in question and our plucky Irish, Italian, et al. Catholic forbears at Ellis Island.
So US bishops have time to comment on secular politics, but they've kept quiet about the exposure Planned Parenthood has been getting over the past couple weeks. Not a word there.
Hey! Shut up! Catholics have ARRIVED in American society, damn it! We won't let your moralizing take that away from us. American Catholicism's about socialism, soup kitchens, and cheering for Notre Dame football. So be open to the Spirit! Got it? Good! [/sarcasm]


  1. What Cardinal Doland doesn't understand is that the White race in America is dying. Each generation produces less than the last. Immigration equals replacement. The church should be calling Americans to repent and live, rather than dancing around its carcus waiting for Hispanics to fill there pews.

  2. +Dolan = typical deluded churchman who thinks the illegals will fill the pews. This in the face of real history: they drain resources then join Iglesia de Dios... Or a gang. Laughable contributions to vocations or building parishes.

  3. That is probably why Dolan attacked Trump. He thinks illegal Hispanic immigrants will make up for falling church attendance and fill the collection plates. Two problems with that. Many Hispanics get involved with the evangelicals and forsake Catholicism. Those that remain Catholic will be sending money they make here to their families down south and won't be putting anything in the collection plate.



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