Saturday, July 25, 2015

High church, Italian life, and leftist legal fictions and superstition

  • "High church" or Catholic? "High church" really means "strong church authority," high ecclesiology as in "a high view of the episcopate." Like "high Christology" emphasizes Jesus' divinity. To be fair, I can't confirm this because I don't really know any liberal high-church Anglicans, just some ex-acquaintances online, but I understand they do go to confession and even call themselves Catholic (the Society of Catholic Priests, for example). But of course Fr. Hunwicke's distinction's true, in this way: their concept of the church is messed up, per Articles XIX and XXI; it's man-made, do-it-yourself. As much as they love our tradition, it's on their terms.
  • What is it about the Italians? They smoke more than us, they earn less, their economy is in even worse shape than ours, they spend less on healthcare, and yet — they live longer. Not just a bit, but a whopping 18 months more on average. I'd like to attribute it to family, community, and the church, but they used to be shorter-lived. It's got to be more than "the Mediterranean diet." Like the story of the Greek immigrant told he was terminal so he went home to Greece to die, and lived.
  • Leftist legal fictions and the atheists who love them. They either love or hate science depending on whether they think they can use it against us and, more important, against God.

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