Saturday, July 04, 2015

On not getting hysterical about Obergefell and more

  • Traditional (ancient-minded) society case study: MGTOW's Sandman on Amish women (and Mennonites). Very misunderstood of course. Amish and conservative Mennonites don't think or pretend it's the early 1800s. Everything they do or not is based on whether their bishops (not in the sense of apostolic succession) think it would unite or break up the religious community, which is why some modern technology's allowed, the kind depending on the group. Samuel Johnson: traditionally, "nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little." Also, compare this to ancient-minded societies that are very sexual, Catholic ones: Italian and Hispanic.
  • Feedback on my reaction to Obergefell v. Hodges: "It's not so bad, really." Gay marriage is legal in many other Western countries, yet, despite this, Christianity continues to exist. I don't see why Americans have to act like SSM's legality here (already a reality in 38 states before the SCOTUS decision last week) Is it a harbinger of the apocalypse? I don't agree with the decision, but a lot of this doomsday talk among Christians (at least online) Is starting to sound like hysteria. To me, it's just another in the long list of things that the government/media complex tries to impose on me which I disagree with. I understand but I don't think I sound apocalyptic. This is not news; the country we love died around 1973. I remember the change. The debate among conservative Christians on how to survive in the new America, over things such as Rod Dreher's Benedict Option (formerly granola or crunchy conservatism), pre-dates Obergefell v. Hodges by many years. What's really dystopian about this latest development is how unscientific (from people who used to pride themselves on being scientific, accusing conservatives of being anti-science) and thus medically as well as societally dangerous it is. (Related, although most transsexuals aren't gay: The only people allowed to admit Bruce Jenner's still a man, which would still be so even if he has the complete surgery, are doctors and even they can't publicly.) It's even gotten to the point of officially falsifying records: people retconning their lives to literally rewrite their birth certificates. Apparently it's now "hatred" and thus thoughtcrime to affirm that ultimately only a real man and a real woman can make a baby. Plus, the Neuhaus principle: optional orthodoxy isn't orthodoxy; soon it's banned.
  • It’s when online conservatives start quoting the so-called "visionaries" ... that’s when they lose all credibility. Of course in Catholicism signs and wonders have their place but actually much less so than most people think. The church is very cautious about accepting them. Much of our faith is cold, hard Aristotelian reason as filtered through the Schoolmen, not hysteria or warm fuzzies. So conservative Catholics are unlikely to follow some political "visionary" too.

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  1. Redefinition of marriage is a bigger and worse event than the other depravities visited on the western world since WWI.

    The erosion of extended family due to migration and prosperity deprived recent generations of their roots and helped to make deviance less risky. Where extended families have influence over youth, there are more consequences to antisocial behaviors.

    Eugenics (including contraception, artificial fertility and intentionally depriving people of fertility by vasectomies and spaying) is reprehensible and debases the intent of sexual behavior, but (until PPACA), a normal person wasn't obliged to participate in it. Likewise the intergenerational genocide that is abortion.

    Decriminalization of adultery and fornication devalued marriage as to its social role, but normal folks could still express objection to these behaviors.

    Easy divorce - and even more so - easy subsequent marriages, made a mockery of marriage, but unless one knew the full backstory, one could presume that any married couple one met intended to have a real permanent marriage.

    The normalization of concubinage and bastardy were grave destructions of the family. Still, when one encountered a young couple, their marital status was not necessarily readily evident. Likewise a single mother could be a widow or her husband could be away on a military assignment.

    The decriminalization of buggery was a legal inversion of human dignity, claiming that self-will takes priority over responsible behavior.

    All of these were reprehensible and should be reversed forcefully.

    This offense, though, is qualitatively different. It demands that all of society pretend that a crime family is a real family- something that can never be true. When coupled with the insane application of anti-discrimination rhetoric to those who publicize their most dysfunctional and deviant traits, it is an offense not only against human dignity as a concept, but against all people who still retain a sense of decency.


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