Sunday, July 19, 2015

Presidential timber: Jeb Bush vs. Donald Trump

On an unkind post I linked to, from Roissy on why Jeb Bush's not presidential timber.

Offensive. And friggin’ hilarious. First intelligent promotion for Ass Clown Trump I’ve heard so far.
There are many good reasons for not supporting Jeb Bush. The fact that he's stayed with a woman who's been with him since they were teenagers is not one of them.

Trump is a loser by the Jesus standard. By the Herod standard, maybe a winner.

Gadzooks. Wealthy man marries high-school sweetheart, converts to Catholicism in part due to the relationship, has children by her, stays with her as she ages and hits the wall = obvious loser who is good for nothing. Wealthy man goes from relationship to relationship trading "up" to various supermodel type hotties, etc. = the right stuff. Gadzooks. This is precisely the problem with the manosphere stuff. I am not a Jeb supporter, but good night! To object to him on this basis is not just frivolous, it is evil. Evil, evil, evil. Is that the kind of social behavior you want to condemn? If this is what passes as "conservative" commentary now, well pardon my French but this country is f#$*ked.
A good man isn't necessarily a good president.

Like many of you, I see where Roissy's wrong here, so while I was away I regretted posting that link, but to give him credit, let's put this in Rob Fedders' better manosphere terms: if Jeb were presidential material he would have attracted and been loving and faithful to someone sexier to begin with, an alpha male making an alpha female his queen consort. Not Trump's using women by trading up. Think Mitt and Ann Romney. While Jeb's love for and loyalty to Columba are in ways commendable, that as a young man his mating options were so limited (either the more attractive women, such as in his class, rejected him or he didn't have the courage to try for them when his class and money made it easier than for many of us) seems a sign of weakness, such as simply a lack of confidence, you don't want in a president. (Then again maybe he and Columba really are a sweet early and lasting love story.) Trump's act has always been confident (which of course women love) and now includes some blunt truth-telling. More presidential. Trump's story: born rich, which reinforced what confidence he already had, and he's managed to stay rich. (Much like Mitt Romney.) Smart. So the questions remain: are the rest of his views sound and is he serious?

Trump's crack about McCain insults prisoners of war. Rather he should have asked if McCain really did collaborate with the North Vietnamese when in prison, if we really did abandon POWs in Vietnam, and if McCain is part of that cover-up. Aside from that, unlike many other combat veterans, McCain apparently has never seen a foreign war he doesn't like so I've never supported him.


  1. Are you seriously attacking Jeb because his wife is not sexy enough? Please tell me I've misunderstood this and you are being ironic.

  2. Holy cow, man. Step away from the Pick Up Artistish blogs before you hurt yourself any more than you already have. This is not how Christians talk and think, even of the "muscular Christianity" sort.

  3. Jeb Bush has Punchable Wimp Face.

  4. Mitt Romney has the natural magnetism to get an attractive girl to change her religion for him: Ann converted to Mormonism before marrying. Tamerlan Tsarnaev had that power too after he got religion. One's a Rob Fedders alpha, a leader who builds up people and society; the other a Roissyan alpha, a sociopath. Jeb Bush adopted his wife's faith. Never mind theology for the moment. ¿Quién es más macho?

  5. Catholic/Orthodox idolatry of intercession/veneration of saints and other unbiblical lies like perpetual virginity and ascension of Mary,purgatory etc. will lead you to eternal hell fire according to Revelation 21:8.
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