Thursday, July 09, 2015

Private Catholic academy vs. homosexualism and more

  • Philadelphia-area Catholics' first post-Obergefell test case: Waldron Mercy Academy fires its head religion teacher for dissent on homosexuality. Including being legally married to another woman. Should be a slam-dunk for this private (not archdiocesan) school; freedom of religion. But now that the old rule of law has been thrown out the window? The narrative since the Sixties' victory: churches keeping their teachings means picking on homosexuals, exactly what conservative Christians taught me not to do when I was growing up. Kudos to the school for living up to being Catholic; according to the TV news (so take it with a grain of salt), the archdiocese has been less than supportive, simply repeating the fact that the church has no control over this school. Right, government money; sell out and the government controls your religion. Vatican II effect: of course a laywoman outside of religious life can be a head religion teacher, but this is a Sisters of Mercy school; there are no more Sisters of Mercy to do the job. Small, new, conservative orders are doing fairly well, considering. Vatican II: the other side has seen us flinch and has tasted blood. The church has a long, hard fight ahead.
  • Rod Dreher answers critics of the Benedict option. He's intelligent both intellectually and in knowing not to lash back at bloggers who attack him personally. With me it only comes down to being understandably angry he left the church nine years ago. (Yes, because I've long known better.) Whence comes the temptation to join in making fun of him. The option seems to include the honorable way of Catholicism going underground as in the 20th-century Ukraine.
  • Steve Sailer: The density divide. Related to affordable family formation: places that have it are more normal, that is, more conservative. Since the Sixties captured/defeated Core America, Middle America, around 1973, does that core still exist? I say yes but it's on life support. There are still lots of practicing Catholics (a regional force to be reckoned with until Vatican II), Methodists (big and once strong but quiet; that's their way), and Southern Baptists (still a local powerhouse?), but none of us are in the driver's seat. The Republicans aren't really conservative.
  • Detailing celebrity dolls. Like the reborn dolls, which are baby dolls turned into lifelike sculptures, most of whose artists are, understandably, women.


  1. I am surprised at Waldron; I have known a few RSMs - wonderful women, but quite on the left on matters ecclesial. This might have something to do with a disgruntled parent, as the couple kept their relationship and its legal status rather low-key.
    I am way more outraged by Fordham’s scandal. Where is Dolan? Where is the SJ provincial?

    1. You called it, according to the local ABC TV station. A parent found out.

  2. Oh my gosh, tell me about it! I once roomed with an RSM. Sister Maureen Mulcrone. And thereby hangs a tale!


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