Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Taking apart the libcath vision, and what all the attention to gays is really about

  • American Catholic liberals' vision: A church refreshed: A dispatch from an American Catholic future. Hilary White brought this to my attention as of course I never read the National Catholic Reporter. (Nor do I regularly read the New Liturgical Movement; in fact hardly ever now. It does good, but like Fr. Hunwicke alludes to, while the reality of the Sixties' and Vatican II's damage means we can't really go back to being unself-consciously pre-modern, I go to the liturgy, the old Mass, more than talk about it. Much like 50 years ago. I'm actually not that pious; modernity just makes me look that way. Basically I throw myself on the mercy of God every week, praying he'll send me a priest right before checkout.) Her funny and true rant about their vision matches mine. Anyway, besides their future parish looking like the 1970s, what strikes me is they and I agree that the institutional American Catholic Church inevitably at this point will shrink. In their example, the Archdiocese of Chicago, once an archetypal immigrant Catholic success story, will go from 356 parishes to 42. They're pretending the defeat's a victory. "Our church is not rooted in tuck-pointing buildings and repairing furnaces, but in serving the poor, the needy and those in pain." Nice because it's true at face value. Secular smartass: "I serve the poor, the needy, and those in pain by voting Democratic so you can keep your hokey '70s church; I've got Sunday brunch." Apparently we traditionalists and conservative Novus Ordo-ists will no longer exist. But, since you and I know that the libcath vision of the church is dying with the libcaths, so the American Catholic remnant's naturally getting more conservative, how and why do the libcaths think their version of the church will win 50 years from now? Amidst this article's anticipatory self-congratulation, basically for following the Zeitgeist and turning American Catholicism into another mainline Protestant denomination (as many of our American Protestant hosts have always wanted), I don't see an answer to that. Also: let's be ecumenical and look at mainline Protestantism's death spiral. These Catholic reformers going back to before the council meant well (turn the parishes into fervent Christian communities energized by the Bible and the liturgy's text and history, and streamline the church for the space age, and it will only get bigger and better, winning the world for Christ), but not only was their expectation for the laity unrealistic (most people aren't that bright or religious, not wanting to be little priests, essentially) but they fell into the same Christian heresy the mainliners did (which sincere Catholic reformers such as Dom Bernard Botte, who helped create the Novus Ordo, had no time for). By the way, sure, the chancellor of a diocese doesn't have to be a priest or a man and the lay parish council president can be a woman (and why not farm out what's left of the diocesan school system to a private lay foundation, as my archdiocese has done?), but here we have the ruling Christian heresy's fetish/superstition that quota-ing the sexes would make things better. Give credit to women's natural differences from men and that's "gendering," a sin. So... "Just because, OK?" Also, naturally, they think they can change the matter of a sacrament: women deacons. Just like Protestants. In reality, their (per)version of the church will go the way of the Reformed Church in America, for example, demographic invisibility. The opposite of what Catholic reformers before the council imagined. The libcaths' few great-grandchildren will be born non-Catholics; our descendants are more likely to be born Catholic and remain so. And by the way, Archbishop Óscar Romero wasn't really a libcath. Nor was St. John XXIII (learn Latin better and use it more, and don't ordain homosexuals).
  • What the furor about gay rights including same-sex marriage is really about. At least 97% of humanity is straight. That's how and why we reproduce, ideally. (That's in trouble right now in many places, all connected to the issues I'll mention: barrenness by choice, be it aging or contraception, demographic winter, demographic suicide, or why Germany has to import Turkish workers.) Because humanity has concupiscence (being tempted to selfishness as well as lust, good survival impulses gone wrong through original sin), enough of the straight majority fell for the promise of no-strings-attached sex as sold by Planned Parenthood via the Pill and no-fault divorce, the really damaging parts of the already harmful Sixties, that effectively our Protestant and ex-Protestant hosts in America redefined marriage 45 years before Obergefell vs. Hodges; the latter is only an aftereffect, a logical conclusion from straights' sin. And, how convenient as Dana Carvey's caricature Church Lady used to say. Gay rights including gay marriage are a perfect cover for straights to justify their own sins (and their ill effects such as that demographic winter, as well as harming children with divorce/broken homes) by hiding behind a mascot, an oppressed minority who gets sympathy from our Christian-based culture (now ruled by a Christian heresy). "It's the new civil-rights movement!" And... it's a class war, a civil war between whites. (Ask and record uncensored, churchgoing blacks on what they think of homosexuality and watch white liberals squirm.) The War on the Wrong Kind of Whites. Tutsis vs. Hutus. Brahmins want there to be no Vaisyas; they try to assimilate them, through calls for universal higher education and so on, but where that fails, as it usually does, they work to destroy them, to crush their culture, to enact such strict penalties for not falling in line with their ideals that the persecuted Vaisyas admit defeat. America was not meant to be a progressive theocracy, but it is rapidly becoming one. Remember: we already have test acts. When I was growing up, what was left of the old America I saw "say goodbye" when it was defeated and captured in 1973 taught me neither to play along with nor pick on homosexuals. Middle America wants to live and let live; nice Christians the other side took advantage of.

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