Saturday, July 18, 2015

"The second coming," Trump and his women, and more

  • From here at MCJ: "The second coming." These mainline Protestants are desperate try-hards; the secular liberals they're trying to impress aren't impressed. The mainline is dying off. But interestingly there are still lots of Methodists, quiet as is their way (the old silent majority, defeated and captured since 1973), and officially they still oppose same-sex marriage. You realize of course that the whole sex (of any kind) without reproductive consequences schtick is self-limiting.... Even if you don’t believe that man, woman, and marriage were designed by God. These people won’t be happy until they can buy a designer baby from a vat. As Steve Sailer points out, they accuse us of uncharity yet they practice eugenics, and they don't buy their own bullsh*t on "diversity." (Plenty of tacit racial and class segregation, which the elite knows how to get away with.) The "pathological altruism" of our ruling Christian heresy is often consciously sincere, but this is really to make war on us white squares.
  • The Anti-Gnostic: The Stranger. The ruling Christian heresy calls this "othering," a sin. Sed contra, Sailer: normal people, conservatives, love the people they're actually around (family, region, ethnicity, race); liberals leapfrog their loyalty, "loving humanity" (badly imitating Christian universalism) but hating people locally.
  • Heartiste (Roissy): The measure of a man by the women he keeps. Score another one for the Donald. He's fun: "Can't scare the Hair." But I'm wary too. Re: corvinus; instead read Rob Fedders' manosphere map. Recognizing and obeying superiors is normal, a social skill. Women love sociopaths (sociopaths are charming) but real alphas, the superiors, aren't that. Bob Wallace: alphas are really fathers, patriarchs.
  • Surprising? No. The priest who undid Blackfen has come clean by coming out and quitting at least the parish. If this happened to the Tridentine Mass in my archdiocese, I'd look for conservative Novus Ordo, and at least the baseline in the parishes is Pope Benedict's Novus (I actually go to a liberal parish when on vacation, because that's the only Mass available; it's Catholic because of Benedict and in spite of those people), and there's the Greek Catholic option (Ukrainian like my first traditional Catholic liturgy, and Ruthenian).

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