Monday, July 06, 2015

The unequal-pay lie, female creeps, and American Byzantium's failure

Complainers Closing Cultural Center from ByzCath Cultural Center on Vimeo.

  • The "gender pay gap" myth. Obviously no American business has different pay scales for men and women. If they could get away with hiring women on the cheap, they'd discriminate against men. The reason average wages differ between the sexes is women on average don't work those jobs as long or hard. Many of them hate the rat race and would rather be married raising children, so they drop out at the earliest opportunity. Plus engineering and science are more valuable and more men are talented at and thus interested in them. Succeed in "f*cking up the patriarchy" and you would destroy civilization, and women would be sexually unhappy too.
  • The unapologetic, stalkergirl creepiness of women. Mainstream relationship advice is worse than useless. Actually, women want men who don't do what they """want.""" "Outlaws who play by their own rules." The girls swoon, of course. While they find sociopaths sexy (you know Dzhokhar Tsarnaev gets love letters in prison), better of course is Rob Fedders' alpha, a builder of society but you (even if he makes you his queen) can't push him around.
  • The great institutional crumbling of American Catholicism and the failure of Byzantine Christianity in America proceed. The Byzantine Catholic Cultural Center in Cleveland, at Holy Ghost Church in Cleveland, has been ordered closed. It may just be nasty local church politics (of course I have no idea what the complaints were), and, sorry, Fr. Richard's video is hokey, though his heart's probably in the right place. But I think this news proves the two points I just named again. I don't want Byzantine Christianity in America to fail. It beats the Novus Ordo. But, Catholic or Orthodox, in three generations here it does.


  1. Wow. A new low. Kicking when down the Easterns who are in communion with you. No available information says this center was failing. On the contrary.

  2. If they could get away with hiring women on the cheap, they'd discriminate against men.

    There's always the possibility that men are better at certain jobs than women.

  3. Father, I don;t see where John is "kicking" anyone. He's just talking about demographics. It's hard to argue with data!


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