Friday, July 17, 2015

What average Americans will murder for, and more

  • Of course Planned Parenthood harvested and sold aborted babies' body parts and will get away with it. Because PP sells the idea of sex without consequences; people will murder for that. The Pill and no-fault divorce defeated the old Middle America; abortion became legal everywhere in America in 1973.
  • A man with emotional problems spending his fortune on plastic surgery doesn't deserve a sports-heroism award. It's probably a fetish.
  • On another Mohammedan Arab shooting Americans. This is really a civil war between the liberal white elite and conservative whites. That elite hates the American people and is using these Muslims as a weapon against us by bringing them in. Of course they think they can control the Muslims; they can't. As for the Muslims, stay out of their lands, stop supporting Israel, and just buy oil from them, and they'll probably leave us alone.
  • The hipsters are getting tired of mid-century modern. Good. No more people being ironic with it to make fun of it. More for me. When demand drops, so do prices. Started doing it before I saw "Mad Men." Bringing it back because I realized I can. Ransoming the stuff piece by piece, giving it a home again.
  • Unsurprisingly, "The Astronaut Wives' Club" is getting awfully 2015 preachy. Like I said, it's golden-era style ("Mad Men" raised the bar for accuracy), a lot of real history, and beautiful women, but with wooden acting and dialogue, like a high-school play parroting Sixties platitudes. Bet they're tempted to rewrite history. Have Trudy Cooper and the first black astronaut be the first on the moon.
  • Like with World War II: the real story is the Soviets won; the Germans wanted Russia's land but poor planning including bad timing (their hubris and the Russian winter) defeated them. These days Americans "learn" that it was a noble American fight to save the Jews, won almost singlehandedly by the Tuskegee Airmen and the Japanese-American 442nd Infantry Regiment. (Our ruling Christian heresy, cheering for the oppressed.) You're not supposed to learn that the Soviets murdered more than the Nazis.
  • The last Divine Liturgy in Hagia Sophia was in 1919. Heroic Greek Orthodox. Too bad the Turks pushed the Greeks back into schism after they took over.
  • The English martyr I've visited. The story of the finding of St. John Southworth's body.
  • Throne and Altar on "strong female characters" who aren't feminine: Even obvious truths deserve to be stated. Physical toughness is not attractive in women. No guy was ever aroused at the thought of a girl who could beat the crap out of him. Men are attracted to vulnerability and cuteness, not warrior toughness. Also, this applies to "Mad Men": Liberals can never make good entertainment without slipping in some conservative bits, can they? Matthew Weiner meticulously re-created the era so he could smash it like a piñata, but he unintentionally triggered nostalgia. Well-to-do women watched because of Don Draper.


  1. "As for the Muslims, stay out of their lands, stop supporting Israel, and just buy oil from them, and they'll probably leave us alone."

    That is it, in a nutshell. The primary motives for Islamic Jihadism, anywhere in the world, are as follows:
    1. American support for tyranny in the Muslim world for sixty years.
    2. American presence on the Arab peninsula.
    3. America's unwavering, unquestioning support for the Israelis (actually, put that at number 1).
    4. America's ability to obtain oil from crude despots at prices that are well below the market level, again for a very long time.
    5. American military presence and intervention in the Muslim world.
    6. America's tendency to identify as terrorists any Muslim population that one of its allies dislikes.

    (When I say America, I don't just mean America, of course; I mean America's deluded allies such as the United Kingdom)

    It's interesting, if you read Goldstein's theory about perpetual warfare in Nineteen Eighty-Four and its real ends, and apply that theory to the alleged cultural war with Islam to-day, combined with European federalism, secularism, &c. the curtailment of many of our liberties, the liberty of the Church and so on, makes more sense. Whether our political class of inept, self-selecting, closed-minded Bourgeois Bohemians really do understand the primary motives for Islamic Jihadism is besides the point (most likely they don't). Just keep the people ignorant with propaganda, and the gross misconception that we're engaged with goat-eating, pyjama-wearing madmen who despise liberty and "job's a gooden," as my father would say. That way our own civil liberties can be curtailed so much more easily, air travel becomes so much more intrusive and inconvenient, we can watch as our cultures are destroyed slowly by the catastrophe of mass immigration, legislation against the family, and so on.

    And the West represents all that is good? Puleeeeez. We're finished!

  2. The Jenner award was perfect for what it was - a ratings grab.

    This is a proprietary network owned award.... And frankly one that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Isnt winning at your sport sort of the award in and of itself? An Academy Award style black-tie awards affair seems incongruous to the world of the athlete.

    Who cares who won that award? The Presidentisl Medal of Freedom it is not! All the bellyaching was free PR. Way to get played.


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