Sunday, July 12, 2015

When and how America peaked, then declined

America before and after the takeover, only 10 years but a chasm apart.
Good insights on ethnicity in America in that post, and how elites work to divide Americans rather than unite them. If you look back on the golden age of the working class and lower-middle class in America, it was the '50s, with its post-war prosperity and those classes owning an increasing share of the wealth of the country. The '60s brought and end to that, with stagnation setting in by the '70s. It isn't a fluke that that the '50s were the last time the United States was serious about controlling its borders too (I like Ike!).
Interestingly, meaning maybe it's not a coincidence, the year the Sixties captured Middle America, 1973, is exactly when the stagnation started.
Oh, it is no coincidence. The stagnation was planned and implemented through policy ("open/free" trade + killing off the family wage by getting rid of gender & marital status differentials in pay in corporate America) in the late 1960s, plus getting rid of meaningful border control in 1965. By the 1970s that had rippled thru the economy and bingo, stagnation. Now, John, guess when no-fault divorce went nationwide? Any idea? That's right, 1973. And hey, that's the same year the Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide too.

1962 you get a job in a factory. You get paid $100 per week because the labor market is tight and there are no cheap imports eroding American industry. Right after you get hired you get married. Congratulations, you now get a raise because you have a wife to support. You now make $130 per month. 1 year after you are married, 1963, you have a child. Congratulations again. Now you make $150 a week because you are now a family man. Second baby arrives in 1965 just as you hit your 3 year anniversary with the company. You get a second baby raise and a 3 year raise at your factory. Holy s&!t, you make $200 a week. That's just over $10,000 a year, in real gold-standard money. In 1965. Welcome to prosperity. But that door to living a decent life gets slammed shut in 1966 by the Great Society and its shifts towards "equal opportunity" employment that destroys that system because in large part corporations
HATED it. They hated paying their workers decent wages, they hated real borders and they hated families that cost them money re: benefits and distracted their workers.

Big government + big business in open alliance against the working class & lower middle class.
Dumb New Lefties: Do your own thing, man! F*ck bourgeois conformity!
Greedy businesses: Right ON! Go for it! You've come a long way, baby. (We OWN you now. Suckers!)

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