Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Manosphere stuff, and a sweet weathergirl leaves Pennsylvania

  • Roissy: Oneitis and the Wall. Real-life lessons for kids vs. worse than useless mainstream advice on the sexes and relationships. Filter out the more obnoxious "player" aspect of his anti-romanticism about men and relationships, and you have the same point as the MGTOWs (bitter, wised-up divorcés, not "can't get a date"): needy isn't cool; if you're not ignored you'll just get used. Just the right amount of detachment is perfect. Note in his advice to girls he's not anti-beta. In his non-player posts he's actually very conservative; in the old America, society was better off, and it took betas to have society.
  • Bob Wallace again about the better manosphere map: real alphas build; player alphas destroy, being sociopaths and parasites.
  • Est Quod Est: Gravity Payments: egalitarianism is unfair and Communism doesn't work because there's no incentive.
  • Vive la différence and hooray for small-town America. At a somewhat local TV station, WFMZ in Allentown, a weathergirl's tearful goodbye as she and her husband move back to North Carolina after about seven years around here. Amanda Cox seems very sweet. I like to say work isn't family; it's the Army. At least for guys. Your mileage may vary. Interestingly, the "Eyewitness News" format, a.k.a. happy talk, including pretty women reading the news, is only about 40 years old. It all started with two national reporters briefly talking to each other. In the beginning of television, station and network owners thought that housewives would envy the pretty girls so until around the time of Jessica Savitch, you didn't see that. It turns out the housewives identify with them. It's crude theater: you have the symbolic couple (prom king and queen), the avuncular and/or zany senior weatherman or sportscaster, the junior weather reader as the cute kid sister, etc. Anyway, my guess is about a fourth of Pennsylvania likes her even more now and wishes her well.

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