Friday, August 14, 2015

Signum magnum

Blessed be Mary's glorious Assumption. High Mass at our cathedral; this time not by St. Clement's Jr. (now at St. Edmond's) but a regional celebration for all traditionalists in the official church, by Fr. Pasley and the crew from Mater Ecclesiae. Choir and orchestra doing a classical setting, by Luigi Gatti based on Haydn. Possibly the first time I've seen and heard the full baroque splendor of the church actually in the church, in a setting that was built for it. As you can see, the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter & Paul is a small 19th-century imitation of St. Peter's, Rome (Vatican City). My pictures of the Mass aren't so good because the church was packed! People from three dioceses, Philadelphia, Camden, and Trenton. The Knights of Columbus and TFP, which apparently includes some friars. A Greek Catholic priest, clean-shaven, in his riassa (big cassock) and wearing a Russian cross, was with the other priests in their choir stalls.


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