Monday, August 03, 2015

"So what if abortion ends life?" and more

  • "Black lives matter." See how charitable and fair I am, unlike YOU, prole trash. "Lions' lives matter." Aww, kitty. But get in the way of my supposedly free sex and you're dead. "So what if abortion ends life?" How "the salon" thinks and acts; the story of the Sixties is this has become mainstream. As I like to say, as the Sixties got rolling, Planned Parenthood stole the minds and hearts of the people by promising free sex. All of the fun, none of the responsibility. That was the promise of the Pill and no-fault divorce. Now that the Sixties have long ruled, changing the culture, the mask of respectability and Christian charity is coming off. People will commit or abet murder to have "free sex." It's all about me, you only live once, etc. Christianity includes individual rights but also responsibilities; any version of it that puts self first, be it liberal Protestantism (we can change scripture and the church by vote) or Joel Osteen's not-all-bad self-help message (I think some of the upper classes' hatred of him is snobbery: how dare he preach the American dream, empowering the proles, giving them ideas above their station?), is false and thus dangerous for Christians. ("All false religion is about self first.") Actually there's a new mask of pseudo-Christian charity for this: gay rights, "the new civil-rights movement." Fits in perfectly with these sins (separating sex from reproduction) and you get to look good by supporting a supposedly persecuted minority.
  • If it comes down to Webb vs. Trump .... I like Jim Webb too. I guess it comes down to whoever has the better chance. Trump isn't trustworthy; on paper he's wrong on many things and look at his track record supporting mainstream liberals. (I think Webb's pro-abortion too. The Sixties brainwashed Middle America.) But now he's sounding like he thinks the U.S. is still a real country that matters, unlike the mainstream. (For our globalist elite there are no more countries; unlike a Christian king, they're not loyal to us.) A success personally (beautiful women) and in business (born rich and stays rich), so obviously he's got the right stuff for the job, and he seems an outsider, adding to his appeal. I might vote for either.
  • The high churchification of the Reformed Episcopal Church fascinates me as an Anglo-Catholic alumnus (walked on from old regular Episcopalianism as a teenager: Tridentine Anglo-Catholicism was my cultural coming home). You were founded in the late 1800s because you hated much of what I stand for: "Popery!" Now you've reinvented yourselves as a duplicate of what I started out in (1928 Prayer Book Episcopal), canceling out your original reason to exist. (Shouldn't that make you vanish like in the grandfather paradox?) There are good Protestant Anglicans who blame Anglo-Catholicism for Modernism (disobeying English "Reformation" teaching and the Prayer Book, using modern critical methods to do, per Newman's Tract XC); liberal high church (love the creeds, love the old liturgy, but fallible church, so let's keep up with the times) gives that credibility. But the real error's right under your nose in Articles XIX and XXI (fallible church); as Protestants, you're still part of the problem, or the difference between us Catholics and the Episcopalians is of kind while yours is only of degree.

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  1. Nice series of posts. Nothing much to add, but you did a good job.


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