Thursday, August 06, 2015

That old seamless garment and more

  • That old seamless garment. Archbishop Cupich, arguably the Catholic Church's second ranking American bishop. There is a legitimate form of the seamless garment and it shows the church's independence from secular politics, neither really "left" nor "right." (The Catholic Church: hated by sultans, tsars, and Communists, because nobody can own it.) You can even be dead wrong on economics as the left is and still be a good Catholic. That said, Michael Cuneo, a writer unsympathetic to conservative Catholics, figured this garment stuff out. Catholics had arrived and were thriving in American society in 1960. The mistake (not doctrine) of Vatican II worsened the Sixties' impact on American Catholicism; American Protestantism finally absorbed most American Catholics into the country's liberal, denominational (many churches = no church) mainstream. The church kept being the church on contraception and abortion of course. How embarrassing. So to keep that American respectability, some bishops such as Cardinal Bernardin did something not really heretical but shameful, cowardly: hide being anti-contraception and anti-abortion by burying it under other social concerns you can make appear acceptable to the ruling Christian heresy, the Cathedral/media-academia-government (MAG) complex/political correctness/secular humanism. Social-justice warrior stuff, just like mainline Protestantism's pathetic campfollowing. Begging MAG for "a safe place" on their campus essentially. ("You hate the old WASP America? So do we. ¡Olé!") Conceding the field and the terms to the other side doesn't work, and it doesn't convert people to Christ. Anyway, often this soft-pedaling is unfortunate but tolerable until you start selling out your own church's pro-lifers. And naturally these old liberals (and they are all old; young unbelievers are at least honest and leave) aren't friends of the promoters of Pope Benedict's conservative liturgical revival. Cardinal Dolan strikes me as more venal than evil in principle; he wants to keep having his picture taken with the president. (Hitching his wagon to social democracy in the spirit of Vatican II: trying to keep Cardinal Spellman's old social standing minus the substance.) Archbishop Cupich seems a true believer in America's Christian heresy. The church is infallible doctrinally, but some bishop appointments are big mistakes. As Pope now we essentially have Juan Perón, a well-meaning reformer who's a blunderer. Fellay for cardinal, Burke for Pope, Lefebvre for saint.
  • Roissy: The denial of human nature as a barometer of societal illness.
  • Solitary confinement for long periods is cruel. Although conservatives are often known for being law-and-order, and I like our police very much, some issues are not liberal or conservative but simply matters of human decency that Christians can agree on. This is one of them.
  • A classic from Russell Kirk: What is conservatism?

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