Saturday, August 22, 2015

The way it used to be, and more

  • The way it used to be. Anne Roche Muggeridge's paean to traditional Catholic culture. It's still here, in my parish by choice, a magnet, for example; perforce different because just like in America before mass Irish, Italian, and Polish immigration, it's small again, and will bottom out smaller. (Hispanics in America: home/family-based and devotional like fellow Latins the Italians, but the Sixties have done their damage to the culture so the Hispanics can't help the church as much, these aren't institution-builders like the Irish were, and many of them become Protestant.)
  • Granite Falls, North Carolina, circa 1941. "You are there" color film, now digital online. These people and those in 1961 could still relate to each other; not people in 1981.
  • The King of Greece goes home. Maybe, even though he's not really Greek (actually part of the Danish royal family), like all good kings he sees himself as the father of his people, an extended family, which a race or ethnos is.
  • The necessity of purgatory. Prayer for the dead presupposes an intermediate state. Hell is final; the notion of praying someone out of it, while functionally the same as purgatory, is illogical and would violate free will. (Much of the Christian East scoffing at Western logic reminds me of "Doing well in school? That's white!") We can hope there are no people in hell; Jesus is clear we can't presume it. Lots of folklore about purgatory (that it's a mini-hell) isn't our doctrine.
  • Slovakia likes being a Christian nation. As is meet and right. It's Catholic. As for the Muslims, let's leave each other alone. No more invade the world, invite the world. We stay out of their countries and their affairs; they stay out of our infidel ones. Only buy oil from them if necessary and stop supporting Israel. There. Their real motive to attack us would be gone. (9/11 wouldn't have happened.) Would they be insane enough to kill paying customers? If they want to go on hating us, fine: at a safe distance. Like we should leave Russia alone: not Communist anymore and not a trade partner; they're among the good guys now. Estranged Catholics who are anti-liberal. (Putin literally saved their lives from freefall under gangsters like Yeltsin after Communism collapsed, and anyway, Russians aren't democratic, liking strongmen.) Again, they may not like us (not in their empire or sphere of influence equals outside the church in their view, really) but that's not our problem.

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