Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why I like Trump, Catholic pushback against the Sixties, and Poles in Britain

  • Sailer on Trump: Stumbling upon a worthy cause.
  • Trump: awakening the American dream. A mixed metaphor? But like a Yogi Berraism, from the heart, instantly understandable.
  • Mandatory conciliarism: the sad case of Msgr. Manns. A true story of American Catholic pushback against the Sixties with a Schadenfreude "How's that 'renewal' working out for youse?" ending. Not conciliarism in the old theological sense of a council outranking a Pope. Apparently Msgr. Manns didn't implement the changes after Vatican II fast enough for Cardinal Shehan's liking. Unsurprisingly, apparently there was a purge of old priests. (Don't forget: unsung church hero Cardinal McIntyre never implemented the changes in L.A. throughout the '60s. Cardinal Spellman hated the changes but did what he was told.) Predictably, instead of lively Christian communities loving God, serving others, and keeping the kids in the fold, the liberalized bishops ended up with empty, closing churches. The irony, which the liberals have taken full advantage of, is traditionally Catholics don't do such lay protests, but to defend Catholicism, as opposed to mere disobedience, it's commendable, an example of the Holy Spirit at work, a lay version of the patron saint of such, Athanasius.
  • The British et al. should like being British et al. but hooray for hardworking, Catholic legal immigrants, the Polish in Britain.


  1. Trump says he loves Israel. Where would a presidential candidate be without the Jewish vote?

  2. I have worked with Poles and other Eastern Europeans since the mid-1950s, first class workers.
    Currently, Poles can be distinguished by their superior manners and diligence - rare commodities
    in the indigenous population - certainly in my sphere of work and generally.


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