Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Should libertarians vote Republican? And more

  • LRC: The case against libertarians voting Republican. True but I'm wary of libertarians too, left-libertarians just being liberals with daddy issues, against all authority, which of course is against God. (Bob Wallace quoting someone: leftism is about killing the archetypal Father.) Still, I've voted Libertarian nationally since 2004 (first did in '92) except staying home in '08.
  • Roissy: Is Trump in it to win it?
  • They really are out to get us. The activists are trying very hard to make a no-loophole world for moral traditionalists. What we are looking at is ... dhimmitude. Rule No. 1: don't apologize. I know about Christian humility, but this is a cancerous version of Christianity (leftism is a Christian heresy) that knows how to take advantage of you that way. We aren't trying to pick on homosexuals. No, this is about malevolent people with real power using that issue to war on us. And remember, the way is a Josyf (Slipyj)/Volodymyr (Sterniuk) retreat underground with honor, not a Soviet sellout (stay above ground with the pretty Mass but surrender the public square).

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  1. yes, the clueless media was all agog about the Church "forgiving" women for having abortions---when sacramental absolution for that sin and revoking of the associated excommunication have LONG been available---through the bishop of the diocese. all that has changed is that parish priests now have the facilities AND the talking heads on the idiot box are seemingly suddenly aware of the strangely liberating thought that the Catholic Church is in the business of applying God's forgiveness and mercy to penitent sinners of ALL sorts---who knew?


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