Thursday, September 03, 2015

Swedish rednecks and more

  • Serious Swedish rockabilly subculture rebels against European political correctness. The Swedish raggare movement ... “It is something carried down through generations,” observes Linus Sundahl-Djerf. According to the photographer, the population that celebrates hot rods, Confederate memorabilia, and midcentury American pop has had a presence in Sweden for decades. It gets even better. Unlike American hipsters including some of the rockabillies, it's not camp/ironic/kitsch; like I mentioned, it's serious. Some of them even like the Sweden Democrats (keep Sweden Swedish, not Muslim). Celebrating both mid-century America's freedom and, in a way, its conservatism.
  • Why Wal-Mart is cutting hours after a minimum-wage hike, and other economics lessons. Basically, there's no such thing as free stuff from the government or anyone else. Eventually you run out of other people's money as Margaret Thatcher famously said. By the way, Bernie Sanders is no Robin Hood. Robin Hood got the people's tax money back; Sanders wants to be the Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • Good stuff from David Mills.
    • Don't be nice to other Christians. Being nice is when you say kind things to others that you don’t really believe, because saying nice things makes everyone feel good and get along. What the ruling Christian heresy is trying to tame the church into being. We got a whiff of that with the Sixties' great victory: Protestant America finally swallowing up its big Catholic minority.
    • The quaint quibbles dividing Catholics and Protestants. Be thankful someone still cares. It boils down to infallible vs. fallible church, a difference between us and classical Protestants, us and evangelicals, and us vs. "Latitudinarians with certain sacramental opinions" as old-school Anglo-Catholics called the first liberal high church people (now the latter believe the creeds but my main point stands). Also, there's Catholicism vs. evangelicalism (including, if I understand correctly, Lutheran "evangelicalism"): the gospel and the law, or do the sacraments really do what they stand for, transforming you by grace, or is being saved just covering up our sins? Neither side really believes we're saved by the law; the serious Protestant accuses us of believing that (so the church, the sacraments, and good works such as monasticism are suspect).
  • In DC, Pope Francis will canonize Junípero Serra with Mass in Spanish. Of course, given that aging liberals still control much in the church, that politics means he won't default to the Roman Rite's longstanding language (why it's often called the Latin Rite), the one that Fr. Serra actually used in church (to be fair he had no choice). Latin makes sense in international settings such as a Pope's foreign travels, or for that matters ceremonies in Rome broadcast to the world. In a way this plan makes sense since Spanish is the only language Pope Francis knows well. Might be safer, less vulnerable to misinterpretation than if he tried English. He doesn't speak English: he can recite it off a page but can't ad-lib in it, and he can fake his way through Italian because it and Spanish are so close. (I know an Italian speaker, a second-generation Italian-American from '50s Brooklyn, who can fake his way through Spanish.) But yes, this plays into the hands of our political liberals... and big business, which isn't really conservative, fine with more cheap labor at Americans' expense. By the way, my dad grew up speaking Spanish; I know Spanish. (Fun at former jobs: nobody expects the square throwback to speak Spanish.) I love languages and want people in America to keep their original ones, AND, out of courtesy, learn English. My traditionalism is not about Latin (I say the Knott/English Missal is ours for the asking) but here's the case for church Latin: because it's a dead language it's an unchanging template for all the translations, again it's a world auxiliary language (for well over a millennium after the Roman Empire, the Western world's scholars wrote to each other in it), and, being Italian's mother, it's beautiful.
  • Manosphere minute. Roosh may well be a liar making money off desperate guys, and Roissy's supposed alpha a sociopath, but the manosphere map's still useful. Fallen human nature, as is. "Women are like the police; they can have all the evidence but still want a confession." Ha ha. And if the man gives in by confessing, she gets bored and dumps (divorces) him after a few years because he's no longer the exciting guy she fell in love with. Well, duh. Um, not true. If the man don't do wrong behind or in front of his woman they will never have that happen to them. And the woman wouldn't have to be like the police! Guess that explains all the sweet, weepy betas on romance-novel covers.


  1. Apparently Pope Frank has passable English, and can discuss theological and churchy stuff, albeit with a heavy accent (perhaps not a changeable) and wonky grammar. My source is an Irish Jesuit friend (now deceased) who was part of then-Fr Bergoglio's conversation group at Milltown in the 1970s. I suspect that you are correct and that he cannot really ad-lib.

  2. if only the liberals knew how orthodox and literal the Spanish translation is (though isnt that hard considering the romance language thing as opposed to germanic english)

  3. Walmart isn't free market in my opinion. It destroyed thousands of Americans family owned grocery stores. It destroyed small stores and small farmers. Don't think that your mom and pop farm can survive today. The Soviets implemented by decree stores similar to Walmart - the end result was huge inflation and poverty for the rest of society.

    My opinion is such - Walmart destroys businesses. Walmart can by the swing of a pen create inflation - that is why it is dangerous. Imagine how many people would have work if the damned Walmarts and Tescos of the world were closed. We'd be better off, if Walmart's were contained. Communities which forbid huge stores from opening in their environs have true small businesses and an overall greater prosperity than communities which have these too-big-to-fail stores.

    This is welfare society. Create too big to fail banks and businesses, give the average joe a government benefits card and let the automated system of state backed benefit -> huge business -> taxes -> next benefit check -->huge business.


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