Friday, September 18, 2015

Sweet Mandy and the Teen Twisters, and more

  • "Tradition!" Fiddler on the Roof gets it wrong. Of course; why didn't I see that? It's condescension from golden-era liberals (from the days of Broadway shows and movie musical versions of them being part of pop music).
  • The ruling Western liberals, Christian heretics from Protestantism, know how to be rude, for all their ripped-off Christian talk about peace. The White House has invited some opponents of Catholic teaching to meet Pope Francis. Pretty aggressive for a president who has no use for religion. To be fair, it seems he didn't directly invite them. His staff invited one with permission to invite the rest. (By the way, he's not the problem, just a symptom.) Does he expect the Pope to go all liberal and go against church teaching by saying something off the cuff? (It wouldn't matter: the Pope can't change the teaching; Francis' job is to defend it no matter what he thinks.) More like the ruling left's version of "dialogue": shut up and do as we tell you. We get it: America is a Protestant-based country whose religious liberty (now endangered?), barely putting up with us, is a relative good for the church, not an absolute good. Obama may not have done the inviting, but he's not just non-religious; he's anti-religious. Inviting Gene Robinson (who?): the ruling liberals wish the church were the Episcopal Church but don't actually go to that. "Yo, fishstick! This is America. Deal with it." Can't imagine Harry Truman, for example, doing this, but back then American Catholics were peaking; politicians needed our votes. There is no Catholic vote anymore; the few orthodox are an add-on to the Republicans (the political refuge of religious Americans since the Sixties; the Stupid Party's better than the Evil Party but it lost my vote nationally after 2000), probably not a swing vote.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury considers ending the Anglican Communion, replacing it with a loose federation that doesn't pretend to agree on doctrine. Over here, Bill Tighe articulated some of what I thought. It would put an end to the old high churchmen's true-church claim for Anglicanism (their often misunderstood branch theory: "Catholicism and Orthodoxy are real churches but in grave error; we're in the same apostolic club as them but we're No. 1 because we're both Catholic and reformed, rightly the only lawful church in the realm"), admitting it's just a Protestant denomination, which most Anglicans really believe. It's basically Episcopalians (liberal high church: the creeds are true and sacraments, history, and traditional liturgy are fun, but these people don't really believe in the church) vs. mostly African Evangelicals (no church as we understand it either, but closer to us on morals). Why would they even want to meet up now (to do something about "climate change," for example)? Welby's just trying to be politely English about the breakup. ACNA: slightly less liberal Protestant denomination. By the way, Anglican doctrine's recognition of Catholic bishops and sacraments pointed the way into the church for me.
  • Again this year I didn't get all solemn about 9/11. Of course it's right to remember and pray for the nearly 3,000 killed, and to love our country. The trouble is still next to nobody is asking the right questions. All those deaths have been turned into just another part of our civil religion. Like the way we look at wars. (Beware the left's nostalgia about World War II or anything for that matter.)
  • Music: Sweet Mandy and the Teen Twisters. Swedish rockabillies; Amanda Wallgren is best of course singing in her language, as in the first song. Its title/refrain, "Kom ner från taket," means "Get off the roof." This is a cover (original from '60).
  • From Rational Review:
    • Justin Raimondo: The GOP debate: outsiders vs. warmongers. Tough-talking you-know-who is actually more peaceful than "crazypants" mainstream Republican foreign policy. (Like the great America Firsters, the maligned "isolationists": not pacifist.) By the way, I understand he has some black and Mexican-American supporters, people whom illegal immigration directly hurts. Anyway, Punch and Judy: the Republicans and the Democrats only pretend to be against each other. Some think that's a feature, not a bug: stability by having only two parties, which are almost alike. And cut out the scare about the Russians: they're not Communist anymore nor are they one of our trading partners, and hooray for their Christian anti-liberalism.
    • Pope Francis misses the sizable moral dimensions to capitalism. It is history's greatest force for raising the living standards of the masses. Unshowy charity that works (teaching a man to fish vs. giving him a fish in front of the cameras), unlike voluntourism, for example (cute pictures with Third World children to try to impress a kind of potential date).

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