Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The strength of Trump's appeal and more

  • I don't dislike Carly Fiorina personally; heck, I think she's attractive for her age, elegant. But she's just another mainstream Republican who wouldn't do anything about abortion, and she failed at Hewlett-Packard. Republican me-too marketing, letting the left call the shots. "See, we can field a black and a woman too!" Basically I've opted out of the system since 2000. For me, it's been Ron Paul, the Libertarians (nationally I vote LP), or, in 2008, nothing.
  • The case for Trump, the only candidate I really like even though he's wrong on much so I probably will stay opted out. From Roissy (CH).
    • Commenter Matt King: We (conservatives, what's left of the people who made the old America) are in a fight to the death. All that matters is strength vs. weakness. That’s why Trump can be a secret socialist Manchurian candidate for all I care so long as strength is seen winning. The standards of social intercourse have been turned on their ass. (The Sixties won.) Up is down, man is woman... Nothing can be accomplished until we unf*ck the skew that distorts everything. Nothing. CH pats himself on the back ... for his contribution to a renaissance of this worldview, and he should congratulate himself (just like Trump does). He has promoted a return to manliness — albeit with too much focus on the wrong ends, limiting his appeal — and Trump is its first manifestation in politics.
    • A life lesson from him: he follows Roissy's Eighth Commandment. Do not say you’re sorry for every wrong thing you do. It is a posture of submission that no man should reflexively adopt, no matter how alpha he is. Apologizing all the time is easy for well-meaning Christians to fall into.
  • Ex-Army:
    • Libertarianism in America has been through a lot over the years, but now seems to have been pretty much co-opted by the left. That is to say, the libertarian mainstream here is dedicated to furthering the political correctness/cultural Marxism of the left at the expense of genuine libertarian principles. You can see it in the pronouncements of prominent libertarians on such subjects as religion, homosexual marriage, race, and law and order. I say "prominent" because there remains a group of libertarians uncontaminated by the left. Unfortunately, we have to use terms like "libertarian nationalist" and others so as not to get ourselves confused in the public mind with flat-out leftist bozos like Bill Maher who like to call themselves libertarians, as well as with the people running most libertarian institutions these days, who aren't much better. Right, "defending freedom" has turned into daddy issues, an anti-authority kick. I'd just say I'm conservative and then have to explain I'm not a mainstream Republican.
    • Defending Western civilization. If we and the Mohammedans just leave each other alone, including staying off each other's turf.
    • The homemade-clock story: This seems to be an all-around hoax to give the Social Justice Warriors something to whine about. Now if our Middle East policy didn't stink, they wouldn't want to come over here to bomb us. The lost point of 9/11 I realized (having started to read Lew Rockwell months before) when I was told the plane crashing into the World Trade Center wasn't an accident.
    • Arab tribalism and Hispanic socialism cannot coexist with our values. This is why mass Islamic immigration into Europe and mass Hispanic immigration into America mean the end of any semblance of classical liberal ideals. Values are, for the most part, not transmitted to adults via election season ads. They are transmitted throughout the formation of someone's life. Hispanics come to America having had their whole moral outlook formed by low-trust socialism. That, not "outreach failure," is why they do not and will not vote Republican. They have not been "fooled" by Democrat "race-baiting." They vote Democrat because the Democrat Party's socialist platform resonates on a fundamental level with who they are as a people. The GOP cannot win the Hispanic vote because ethnic Hispanics are not American conservatives. A sane party would care about the health of the ethnic group that produced the values it's founded on, but the GOP does not. A sane party would be wary of surging numbers of migrants from cultures hostile to everything it stands for, but the GOP is not. A sane party would be deeply suspicious of the opposition's stated plans to reshape the country's demographics, but the GOP is not. The Republicans and the Democrats are only pretending to be against each other.
  • Bob Wallace:
    • One thing the Manosphere does get right is to stay away from feminist women, or even ones who have been infected by feminism even if they claim they aren't one. They're leftist, and leftism is always about destroying men. Which doesn't make women happy because men build and protect civilization; in love, healthy women insist on male superiority. The reason ladies of a certain class drooled over a certain recent TV character from America's golden era.
    • In love, men and women should be compatible politically — and in other important ways, too. Unfortunately a lot of women are ignorant as hell about politics and economics, which is why historically they've never been allowed to vote. I once met a woman who believed in socialized medicine because her fiancé — now ex-fiancé — believed in it. For good or bad, women often follow men's leads. When they don't, their default position appears to be socialism/fascism, where they put a non-existent "safety" above freedom.
  • On Jon Hamm winning an Emmy. When I heard the roar of the audience when the presenter said his name before announcing the winner, I knew he'd won. Deservedly: smart, well-written show, great actor. A good-looking fellow playing a heel: muchos tingles para las chicas. (And he's now available, ladies.) But as much as I appreciated the show for re-creating the era and thus helping a lot of unintended nostalgia, it celebrated the wrong things, namely, the fall of the era it depicted. Don Draper was a nihilist, actually not that unusual then. "I live for now; there is no tomorrow," etc. The Sixties didn't come out of nowhere, and the kids didn't start it. That and Hamm's a PC wuss in real life.
  • Calling poverty "the wall and the mother of consecrated life." Pope Francis met with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro in Cuba today after this morning's Mass, and then delivered a sermon in which he praised the "spirit of poverty" and warned against wealth. Guess that explains the abundance of virtue, such as intact families, low illegitimacy, and no drink or drug problems, in North and West Philly. Yeah, right, to hell with capitalism, literally; let's be low-trust socialists like South America since they're so successful. Peronism doesn't work.
  • The "Society of Catholic Priests," which is Episcopal, all you need to know. As I like to say, if I were planning to open a church that tried to please as many as possible including myself (credally orthodox! sacramental! loves history! loves traditional liturgy!), it would look a lot like this. God had other plans.


  1. On Trump, strength, and winning, it was Thomas Aquinas who said, "An evil action cannot be justified by reference to a good intention." The ends do not justify the means. If I have to support and/or emulate a Trump to win, then winning is no longer worth it.

  2. Uuhhhh John? Doesn't "consecrated life" refer to monastic communities (monks and nuns)? If so, then why would you traduce the value of monastic vows of poverty?


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