Monday, September 28, 2015

Wildwood Classic Car Show Weekend 2015

Sunday Mass at Assumption, Wildwood Crest. Space-age building obviously originally for the old religion. The usual: this setting with Benedict the Great's reform on top of '70s-'80s Novus Ordo. Small-c charismatic African priest, arm-waving cantrix with her heart in the right place, probably not knowing that what she's doing isn't liturgical, alternating organ and piano (ew), Lucia Fest altar girls in albs (no altar boys), and a squad of Eucharistic ministers. Thanks to the recent reform, it's orthodox in spite of the problems; it is the Mass. But the problems are jarring when you're not used to them. The message: general Christian moral uplift. What struck me was this vacation town got a good-sized congregation even for this. They don't buy the kumbaya stuff; they're just doing what Catholics have always done, because it's the Mass and thus good for their souls.

Irish Weekend (St. Patrick's Day II) in North Wildwood. I wasn't the only local Catholic who didn't get to see the Pope.

I will probably have a serious post about Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia once I get caught up on what I missed.


  1. John, are you certain that liturgical dreck is good for the soul?

    1. You know I don't want the dreck either, but Pope Benedict through his reform has made it clear that the new Mass in English is a Mass, in spite of the dreck. So if it's the only Mass around, and in the universal church, I'm there. If the priest threw out Benedict's Mass and made up his own service, I'd go non-communing to St. Demetrios.

    2. But even the new translations lacks such important elements such as a fully stated intention during the offertory. There are simply too many real issues with the committee invented new rite. The dreck is only natural to the new services, well new in the 1960s anyway.

    3. There is much that the new Mass doesn't say but should. But what it now says in English is fine. I'm with you on committee-invented services and dreck being only natural to the new service.


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