Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The myth of dueling Bibles and more

  • Face to Face: For moron skeptics, the Bible allows everything because "Many versions, QED." Protestants said, "The Bible, not the church" (which compiled and interprets it), then took the Bible apart.
  • Bob Wallace: Manpleasers. Women.
  • Goodbye, middle class. America's been in decline since 1973.
  • Pat Buchanan: Is Pope Francis toying with heresy? Francis' biggest fans hope so. He might be. The hoopla in my city over his visit last month wasn't really for Catholicism. But the church is indefectible and infallible. The teachings can't change. The media act like they don't get that. And maybe the newsmen — diluted/lapsed Protestants (America's culture), badly catechized fallen-away Catholics, or Jews — really don't know (and don't want to know: bad journalism, advocacy, Sixties journalism). I won't get played. If something doesn't jibe with the catechism, I ignore it. Popes and synods don't have the power people think they do.
  • Cuts to the Army. Historically that sounds about right: we're supposed to be at peace with a small standing army. Having big "peacetime" (de facto wartime) forces is an anomaly from when FDR was breaking the law to get us into World War II (which we helped the USSR win; we were dupes for the Reds) and then for decades the Cold War (ostensibly against the USSR). Basically the capital of the British Empire moved from London to Washington. I'm pro-military, not pro-war (Smedley Butler was right).
  • Cracked doing one of the things it does well, which you can still find amidst recent Cathedral (narrative, MAG = media, academe, government) sermons, news of the weird or fact vs. fiction, here on emergency medicine, of course not at all like on TV. The other version of its good stories is fun history lessons (hooray for Nikola Tesla).
  • Roissy: No uptalk. Like, I remember it started, like, a little over 30 years ago? (This abuse of like is older: '40s jazzmen, someone told me.)
  • Episcopalianism: A downtown church for boomers and what we used to call yuppies who think they're smarter and more moral than everybody else; Middle Americans who want to follow Jesus go somewhere else. Built to be an established church, it's really jockeying to be the MAG complex's, but that blows it off (its movers and shakers, including Obama, don't go to church), only using it for occasional hit pieces against the real church.

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