Sunday, November 29, 2015

Crime reporting, black and white

Two men charged with murder in killing of pastor's wife. She was molested too. Why such killers get away with it in the media and thus public opinion: because, unlike Christianity, the left believes the end justifies the means; revenge is A-OK. (By the way, the Church of Satan actually teaches that.) They define racism as not just prejudice but prejudice plus power. So the left teaches that, because blacks used to be oppressed, blacks have an excuse to commit atrocities against whites; we deserve it. (The PG-13 version: college kids learning they can push grownups around by throwing big tantrums for the media to report; it's fun.) White liberals believe in their own supremacy though they never admit it; they think they can control this state of affairs and use it as a weapon against conservative whites (ditto importing lots of hostile Third Worlders; the left thinks they're pets and even slave labor). There is next to no white-on-black crime, and no fellow conservative Christian I know wants to incite any; rather, the left keeps pushing race in our faces, using it as a weapon. There is no white American agenda against blacks anymore; none of us believe black lives don't matter. By the way, we never hear about black-on-black crime, and there is a lot of it.

Two common media approaches to these crimes, in the event of "narrative failure" (when you can't blame whites):
  • Show pictures of the suspects when they were 12 and/or holding a puppy or something.
  • Blame guns! Liberal illogic: "Cops are racist and thus evil but I don't own a gun and want to stop you from owning one, because I trust the cops to take care of us." If Amanda Blackburn had a pistol, chances are she'd still be with us. That the police have caught suspects is cold consolation for her husband.
An impartial, speedy trial for the suspects and may this sweet woman rest in peace.

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