Thursday, November 19, 2015

Paris: Don't invade, don't invite

There is nothing new really, I don't have much if anything original to say, and as for sharing links and memes, that's what Facebook's for, for now (until something replaces it?). Those are among the reasons I hadn't written anything here about the Paris massacre last Friday.

Obviously, there's no tricolor flag, no "La Marseillaise," and no Eiffel Tower peace sign (Sixties) from me. Many well-meaning (ignorant) people, intending to honor Catholic or at least European France, have posted such of course. But of course modern France, post-revolutionary France, secular(ist, as in anti-religious) France, partly caused the problem. (As the black militants used to say, "If you're not part of the solution...") If you want to display a flag, make it the royal fleur-de-lis and/or the Catholic (Sacred Heart) flag of the Vendée.

Prayers for the dead? Asking Our Lady, St. Genevieve, and St. Joan of Arc to defend what's left of Christendom, including "the church's (long wayward) eldest daughter"? Those go without saying.

"Kill them all"? Carpet bombing? Understandable, and a healthier reaction (love starts at home), a conservative one, than the leapfrogging loyalty (that is, disloyalty to your own community), self-hating response of the ruling left, a Christian heresy as regular readers know; defending "multicultural France," etc., an ersatz version of Christianity's universal love. (Also, showing weakness only makes a bully worse.) But, trite but true, two wrongs don't make a right. (The Catholic Church: the end doesn't justify the means. Bombing civilians on purpose is a sin.)

Just like 9/11, what's happening is partly payback for our (actually, our "progressive" politics trying to remake the world in its heretical Christian, multicultural, etc. image) "invading the world." ISIS is evil but they and their legions of sympathizers are mad at us for a reason.

Iraq and Syria weren't really Muslim governments before we butted in. Why couldn't we leave well enough alone? Neither were anything to do with 9/11. Saddam Hussein, once our ally (on our payroll?) vs. Iran (another mess we arguably created, backing the Shah, setting off a reaction), was a bad Muslim, a secular ruler, the kind of Muslim whom Osama bin Laden (another onetime ally we basically created to fight the Russians in Afghanistan) hated. Assad's Alawism is to Islam as Mormonism is to Christianity, which is why the Muslims hate him. You could be a Christian in both countries. Syria is the home of the Melkite and Antiochian Orthodox (Byzantine twins) and Jacobite churches; Iraq the Nestorians and their Chaldean Catholic offshoot, the country's biggest church.

But our mistaken foreign policy (including neocons, really just a kind of "progressive": "nation-building") has destroyed those ancient churches in their homelands. Destroyed as in these Christians are being slaughtered. (Martyrdom isn't just in history books; that long list of Roman names the priest recites in the Canon at Mass.) I understand Iraq's Christians have dwindled from at least a million to about 200,000.

ISIS: we have created a monster. They're angry, they're virulent, and they were smart enough to take advantage of Western liberals' charity (residual Christian ethics) by sneaking into our countries, "hiding in plain sight," as "refugees." (Right. Women and children stay behind while military-fit men come to Europe.)

I bring all this up because defending what's left of the Christians in those countries (who are either Catholic or estranged Catholics of the East: they have real bishops and the Mass) appeals very much. I don't have an easy answer.

A man who formed my worldview (and he's Catholic), Lew Rockwell, has reminded his readers of the teaching of one of his columnists, military analyst Bill Lind. While our military has technologically advanced in 70 years, of course, it is still really geared to refight World War II (better aircraft carriers and planes, as if we were still trying to sink the Japanese Navy), as outmoded as the Maginot Line. Let's look at our track record vs. guerrillas on their turf. Didn't work in Vietnam. A land war vs. ISIS would be another unwinnable one, and unnecessary to protect Americans at home, which is the American government's (including of course the U.S. military's) proper job.

The ruling Western liberals seem to want to replace our population (at least replace recalcitrant conservative whites, people of the wrong class), thinking the second generation will assimilate, since Western liberal values are taken to be self-evident truths, or least the newcomers will be so grateful for the welcome, multiculturalism and all that, that the ruling liberals will remain in power or least be spared. The history of dhimmitude or at least the Tsarnaev brothers blowing up the affluent lefties' little fun run in Boston (thanks, Roissy, for that turn of phrase) should have ended such notions, but the libs are either willfully ignorant or hey, to make an omelet you've got to break a few eggs.

Signs of a country and, locally, a church that have lost their nerve or are at least ignorant: I saw a picture and headline about Notre Dame Cathedral's organ playing "La Marseillaise" during a "memorial Mass" for those killed. Memorial services are for Protestants, since they don't believe in prayer for the dead so the service is just to comfort the mourners and/or pay a tribute to the dead person. We have Requiem Masses ("Grant eternal rest..."), pleading Christ's sacrifice on our altars for God to show his mercy to the departed one, saving his soul and easing purgatory.

So it seems to me the answer's still "don't invade them; don't invite them." Steve Sailer on the Paris attack: "That's what separate countries are for." Build more pipelines here so our contact with those countries is minimal, buying oil. Stop the "refugee" Trojan horse and that will stop ISIS. (Among others, Archbishop Lefebvre of blessed memory warned of this about 25 years ago: if you let lots of Muslims in, they will take over. It's the nature of their religion. The battles of Lepanto and Vienna weren't exceptions.) They can pull operations like 9/11 and Paris, but they have no big army to occupy us, no real navy to bring one here or attack us, and no planes or missiles with the range to attack. We in turn should stay out of their countries' politics.

At long last, let's leave each other alone.

Some interesting posts: P.S. And of course all of Europe should become Catholic again.

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