Sunday, December 13, 2015

Regular Catholics and the winnowing

Regarding the "Are you Catholic?" humorous chart, a reader notes: What about the regular Catholics who don't really fit into any of these categories?

Good point. As has been said to me, culturally our way is if we traditionalists OR the liberals got their way, a few people would love it, a few would hate it and leave, and most of our churchgoers would keep going to Mass because that's what we do. But in fact many/most American Catholics did leave the church after the liberals' victory here.

Today we're seeing a trial by fire as it gets harder to be a Catholic in America; soft persecution for now. The church here isn't done shrinking; many of the nominal will die out or leave, as the liberals have been. We're broke, having spent down our capital earned before Vatican II (while our churchmen keep lying about how great the "renewal" has worked out), so the church and school closings will continue. We'll bottom out and a few Massgoing traditionalists and conservative Novus Ordo Catholics will probably be all that's left. These will be "regular Catholics." Pre-conciliar Catholicism is a big tent for sinners, not a monolith nor a perfectionistic cult.

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