Saturday, January 16, 2016

Anglican drama: Bishop Curry predictably speaks

Of course. They hold it to be self-evident truth, it's now the law of their land, and this wasn't an excommunication, just a time-out handed to them by a group that arguably has no right to. Since they're still full-fledged Christians as far as Anglicanism is concerned, why change?

Frankly they don't care what a bunch of Africans think. (The Africans can't fire the Episcopal clergy, unlike Rome can an erring Catholic cleric.) With this move they're not only trying to appeal to gays but the much more numerous liberal upper middle class who might like to "virtue-signal" by joining such a church. Way to stick it to those dumb fishsticks and fundies; "the cool kids will be flocking to us any day now." Oh, wait.

Townhall, why do you have a picture of Archbishop Welby and not Bishop Curry with this story? Are you that lazy? I mean, come on, they're pretty easy to tell apart.

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  1. A bit off topic, but the other day my parish priest referred to Justin Bieber, the Archbishop of Canterbury. I was very amused.


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