Monday, January 25, 2016

How pro-life fails and more

  • From 2009: Life to March. The pro-life movement has endured for so long precisely because it has failed. Is it just a substitute for American Catholic identity, after Vatican II? The writer doesn't say it's that bad. The main points: pro-lifers have cut abortions by about a quarter since 1990 but we're failing at stopping the problem at its cause (we're losing the culture war); people are literally killing for what they think is free sex. Fallen human nature is strong.
  • Chicago, 1972: The Poles: still our victims. From the blink of an eye in the Sixties when ethnic Catholics were cool in America, thanks to their numbers, the goodwill they earned before Vatican II, Vatican II having people think the church was on board with the Sixties, and the new left's war on the old WASP America. Then Humanae Vitae and Roe v. Wade reminded everybody the church is still Catholic so the new bosses went back to hating us.
  • Are "utopian" workplaces (companies that pretend to care about you) just a ploy to keep you at work all the time? A trap for wage slaves, like the company town with the company store that Tennessee Ernie Ford sang about.
  • USA: Greek former archimandrite "marries" man in civil ceremony. Yes, of course I go to an Orthodox church and yes, I receive Holy Communion. If it's true (it's only Mr. Heropoulos' claim for now), then on the ground in Orthodox churches, being in the ethnic group trumps teaching, thanks to economy. So, rare in their conservative cultures (as the Athenos yogurt commercials used to make fun of) but it happens, de facto gay marriage with the partners going to Communion. Liberal Catholic parishes do it too but not while looking traditional; that's an Episcopal thing. (Given the rest of the story, and that he's of a generation that might still go to church, it's far more likely he's Episcopal now.) Among the Orthodox, what looks like traditionalism to us Catholics is just the trappings of ethnic/national boosterism.

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