Saturday, January 02, 2016

My car: '58 Edsel Ranger 4-door sedan

Part of the next model year, my car was built in San Jose, California on July 29, 1957, the 76th Edsel from that plant that year, a rare, beautiful part of one of the greatest commercial flops (one of the most planned car-brand débuts, for something people didn't buy). The Ranger's actually the cheapest Edsel; I like them and the lookalike Pacers (both Ford-based; the clip and the model are of Pacers), as they have nicer lines than the bigger Citations and Corsairs (Mercury-based). Some facts/stats. Stock 361 cu.-in. V8; new carburetor; relatively new brakes. Her colors are officially Ice Green (I call it mint green) and Snow White, but the white roof isn't the original color, which matched the body. She's had good owners and I get lots of advice from car guys (including Edsel owners' groups; the car is well documented among them). Rebuilt/restored 10-15 years ago. Automatic (lever on the tree as you can see, rare for Edsels, not the famous Edsel "Teletouch" push-button kind; no overdrive), but no power steering or power brakes. On the road she's great but in tight spots, having to muscle the wheel of a relatively big, heavy car, she's like driving a bus. Came with seat belts; seats six. Radio's factory; AM only. I'm keeping her in the garage of course. Over 107,000 original miles, not bad for her age. Gets about 9/11 mpg; holds 20 gal. Local drives; registered in Pennsylvania as an antique.

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