Sunday, February 14, 2016

My political preferences in pictures

Arguably contradictory with none of it de fide (it's just opinion, not required Catholic belief).

First: Catholic monarchy, big or small, pursuing peace when possible. Photo example: Charles, the last emperor of Austria-Hungary, only we win this time. The world would have been better off if Germany and her allies won World War I. A monarch is a father to his people, which few if any politicians are.

Second: Gosh-darned nice old Protestant America, with a truly republican (by which I don't necessarily mean the GOP) government and conservative values and norms flourishing but much personal freedom; mind-your-own-business domestic and foreign policy. Not at all militaristic but it can get tough fast to actually defend Americans. Photo example: Ron Paul, for whom I am proud to have voted in the 2008 and 2012 Pennsylvania Republican primaries and for whom I stood out in the rain twice to see in person giving a speech.

Third: El Caudillo. Libertarianism is nice but some countries don't have that tradition (and never will, and that's fine) and need and want a strong hand. Photo examples: Francisco Franco, like the emperor a Catholic gentleman (defender of Christendom), who wanted a Catholic king to succeed him on his death, and Vladimir Putin, KGB badass turned new Constantine of the Christian East. Putin literally saved his people's lives after Boris Yeltsin's gangster rule of Russia in the '90s right after Communism fell, plus the Russians aren't democratic. He has a lot of power, but he's in power because the people want him to be.

Fourth: Second-rate caudillo. Iffy with an establishment liberal track record, without the principles including the faith of a Franco but saying things right now that need saying but no one else dares to. A tough talker who can back it up. A proven track record of business success and personally impressive with a succession of beautiful wives (a confident man who can get and keep such) and lovely children. (This is a political election, not a cause for canonization.) Photo example: Donald Trump, our only realistic shot at this point to "make America great again," bringing back a semblance of the America Ron Paul is from.

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  1. Sorry mate but if Germany had won WW1 prussian junkers would have rascist. You also must remember that Germans massacred priests and nuns in belgium and have apologised for such an event just recently. Then we have the Turks who did the Armenian,Assyrian and pontic Greek genocide. If they had won then watch out minority Christian groups. So no you are wrong. My country Australia contributed 373000 volunteers -not conscripts - over 60000 killed and 165000 injured, or taken prisoner. The tragedy is that Austria should have been allowed to pursue the Assassins without Russia or germany sticking their beeks in


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