Friday, February 19, 2016

Proposed Russo-Sino-Anglo-American alliance

A fellow, who is fiercely monarchist and thus agrees with me that the Loyalists in the American Revolution were right, writes:
I've been arguing for long moons that we desperately need a Russo-Sino-Anglo-American alliance, something approximating the glorious Quintuple Alliance of two centuries ago.

Our target would be, of course, our common foe, the Mohammedans. Such an alliance is only logical. The sabre-rattling of childishly clueless American politicians, seeking to needlessly antagonise Russia over trivialities (nobody cares about the bloody Ukraine!), must be ignored. No need to pick a fight with the Russians or Chinese (as that could only end with fatal finality) when we can instead have great fun and a whale of a time, kicking the shite out of the towelheads, and it would all be over in a few days! This would cement our friendship between the world's great powers, and we could simply steal all the oil we like from the Mohammedans (they don't need it, bloody savages!) and divide it three ways.

I'm seriously thinking of contacting Trump about this, as only he, amongst our otherwise moronic candidates (save Carson, of course) understands Putin and the importance of not isolating the Russians and Chinese. We could destroy every last man and boy in the ISIS with three brigades of American marines (though it would be
de rigueur, simply good manners, to let said Russians and Chinese tag along, too). Then, with said subhuman scum deservedly eradicated and dispatched to Hell, we could create a safe zone in Syria, as Trump has suggested, and there dump all those awful towelheads currently invading Europe. No one in his right mind thinks those bloody raping, robbing, reprobate Orcs are at all assimilable in Europe, and only liberal retards think they should stay.

Here's a Swiftian modest proposal: repatriate the Mohammedans, now cluttering up Europe, to Syria and to those nice camps in Saudi Arabia — and
LET ALL THE LIBS GO WITH 'EM! Why not, since they love 'em so much? Then, in Saudi Arabia, they'll all be decapitated for their liberalism. No more liberals! PROBLEM SOLVED!
I'd deport the schismatics and their converts who trash-talk their gracious, Christian host culture too. Not the ones who don't. Some of these folks are exiles whose lives we literally saved from the Communists after World War II. Preach lies about Catholics? Wear a Soviet flag home, Monsignor. Have a nice trip. From the converts it's the same self-loathing nonsense disguised as Christian humility as the secular liberals; the same exoticism. Like John Walker Lindh joining the Taliban. By the way, ISIS hates al-Qaeda and the Taliban for not being Muslim enough.

Anyway, before the Swiftian part: centuries ago that alliance would have been anti-Catholic, pitting us against Bavaria, Austria, Spain, and probably the Papal States. The Protestant Anglosphere, schismatic Russia, and non-Christian China. So no thanks then. Now? Maybe. Hooray for Putin, the new Constantine of the Orthodox. Not sure how China fits in. Not really Communist anymore since that obviously doesn't work but still horrible. ("Slave labor make China economy strong!") A threat to us? I think of them like Nixon did of Russia, which is why, a master statesman, he made a deal with China: they'll never be our friends but they're too important to be our enemies. Is an alliance with a country SO different from Christian ones possible or desirable? We are fine making a deal with them like we should have with imperial Japan (who weren't nice but weren't our problem).

The liberals including our rulers/elite (for whom there are no more countries) are using the "refugees" as a weapon, in fact hired muscle, to oppress their own citizens, the liberals engaged in a culture war against their conservative white brethren. They think their multiculturalism and hospitality will be a "get out of being raped, etc." card. They're not.

Also, let's not get played. Violent reprisal, in their homeland, is exactly what ISIS wants. Don't invade; don't invite.

Likewise I'm not taking the bait from the establishment about the Ukraine (smart try at playing on my Catholic faith; I've known Ukrainian Catholic exiles) to pit me against Russia. Smart Catholics see the big picture. We want to bring back the new Constantine and all his brethren at the same time (then leave their rite alone; I'd give them more autonomy than the Eastern Catholics now have), not tear them down. (Though small here, when they show up here and try to tear us down, it makes me angry. I'm only human.) The establishment is angry because they're not Communist anymore.

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