Sunday, June 12, 2016

Car-show weekend

Just got a real 1983 movie poster for Christine. Obsessed? Sure!

The Morris Racing and Philadelphia Area Corvette Club show, Yeadon, Pa.: Edna's first with me and my first as an owner. (Yes, she has a name: a tribute to one of the ladies who supplies my wardrobe. Also, Baby and the Green Ghost Car of Delaware County.) All she got was a participation trophy but what a great way to meet people; happens all the time when we're out. The only Edsel there and one of only three '50s Fords; should have got an "orphan" trophy ("Most Unique").

Cruise Down Memory Lane in Vineland, NJ, my favorite regional show (Das Awkscht Fescht in a park in Macungie is better, with many, many cars, if you consider the Lehigh Valley part of our region, but I like the downtown setting in Vineland), with my favorite local music radio station, WVLT in that town, broadcasting from the sidewalk.

This General Lee is autographed by the cast. I didn't watch the show so I didn't much care but now that the liberals have decided to dump on this car, namely, the flag on the roof, to show off, I say "Yeeeeee-haaaaa!" (Actually, making the show, each jump totaled a '69 Charger; not worth it!) Buddy Holly's bassist, Waylon Jennings, was the narrator.

'60 Chevy Biscayne in very rough condition. I love this design. I admit a nice thing about going to these when you're also an owner (I didn't show my car here; too far away) is that the cars in rougher shape make you feel better about your car's blemishes.

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