Friday, June 03, 2016

Church: Immigration is not a growth strategy

The biggest minorities in the UK are the Irish and Poles. Somehow, it is still probable that the Catholic minority might grow in the UK as Poland is in pretty dire straits.
Thanks for the reminder; it seems that Pascoe forgot. As recently as when I was there, 25 years ago, the Catholic Church there was largely Irish; since Communism fell and the Irish have lapsed/assimilated, the church there has changed from "the Italian Mission to the Irish" (snotty Anglican joke) to "to the Poles." One of the nicest groups to come to America and I'm sure that's true there too.

To be fair to Pascoe, relying on immigration isn't a good growth strategy; it's not evangelism. Witness Eastern-rite churches in America, Orthodox etc. as well as Catholic. They mostly die out by the third generation here, due to assimilation. I'd love it if American Catholicism were Byzantine instead of Novus Ordo, and that option offers imaginative yet small-o orthodox answers outside of usual traditionalist thinking, but it just isn't happening.

That wasted potential is also why it's so sad that so many putatively Catholic online "apostles" for the Christian East attack the church's teachings. They are few; many/most such leave the church, which at least is honest. I think being an unlatinized Eastern Catholic who's actually faithful to the magisterium is one of the hardest callings these days, and yes, some Latin Catholics are called to make that change; I think Sheptytsky should be named their patron saint.


  1. A lot of people seem to think that immigration is a growth strategy for Islam.

    1. Curbing or halting such immigration (as I understand liberal favorite Jimmy Carter did after the hostage crisis in Iran) would solve the Mohammedan problem in the West, as the number of converts here is microscopic (a few blacks who think it's their ancestral faith and fewer, self-hating whites). "Don't invade; don't invite": leave them alone including not taking their bait, not letting them in to hurt us.

    2. It just strikes me as odd that some people seem to make much of the growth of Islam as a result of immigration while ignoring the growth of Catholic and other churches as a result of immigration.

    3. Is the church in England (not the Church of England, which by the way is circling the drain) turning around, getting bigger and becoming fervent, thanks to the new Polish presence as it did from the Irish after Catholic emancipation? Our number in America is artificially high thanks to Mexican immigration but I don't see religious or political (Catholic or any other kind) clout from them; they're just not interested. The American church will keep shrinking but as the liberals die without successors and the few religious kids come to us for real religion, we'll survive, even becoming at least quasi-traditional again. It's already slowly happening. My semi-trad parish (main Mass is Tridentine) is a magnet for married couples in their 30s with kids. We'll remain our white ethnic base, but much smaller, with a few converts.

    4. My own parish has become very fervent due to African, Indian and Filipino immigration.


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